7/11/86 UEA, Norwich

Blue In Heaven, The Damned

[1986 = 1]




21/2/87 UEA, Norwich

Roughtime, New Model Army

3/5/87 UEA, Norwich

Stars Of Heaven, Mighty Lemon Drops

12/6/87 South Pier, Lowestoft

The Hiding Place, Four Came Home, Fields Of The Nephilim

13/11/87 South Pier, Lowestoft

Tear Glass, Bash St Kids

21/11/87 South Pier, Lowestoft

Bob Hope to Die, Four Came home

29/11/87 Wembley Arena, London

Balaam & The Angel, The Cult

7/12/87 Wembley Arena, London

The Cure

19/12/87 South Pier, Lowestoft

Four Came Home, Ghostdance

[1987 = 8, total = 9]



7/2/88 UEA, Norwich

Wild Swans, Mighty Lemon Drops

24/2/88 UEA, Norwich

No Mans Land, All About Eve

5/5/88 UEA, Norwich

Goodbye Mr MacKenzie, The Primitives

27/5/88 The Hit Factory, Great Yarmouth

New York Scum Haters, Blyth Power

13/8/88 Henham Park Festival

Twink & band, John Ward, Black Roots, Misty In Roots

14/8/88 Henham Park Festival

Joolz, Slade the Leveller, Bad Manners

26/8/88 Reading Festival

The Wonderstuff, The Godfathers, Ghost Dance, Fields Of The Nephilm, The Ramones, Iggy Pop

27/8/88 South Pier, Lowestoft

The Eternal

8/10/88 UEA, Norwich

The Heartthrobs, The Wedding Present

9/10/88 UEA, Norwich

Something Happens, Julian Cope

12/10/88 UEA, Norwich

Fuse, Transvision Vamp

14/10/88 South Pier, Lowestoft

Screen Idols, Christian Death

26/10/88 UEA, Norwich

The Seers, The Wonderstuff

11/11/88 South Pier, Lowestoft

Grand Designs

13/11/88 South Pier, Lowestoft (closing night)

, The Eternal

7/12/88 UEA, Norwich

Big Bam Boo, Voice Of The Beehive


[1988 = 16, Total = 25]



11/2/89 UEA, Norwich

Nasty Rox Inc, Pop Will eat Itself

13/2/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Shine, , My Bloody Valentine

28/2/89 UEA, Norwich

, Death Wish, Motorhead

21/4/89 UEA, Norwich

Wolfgang Press, Pixies

29/4/89 UEA, Norwich

The Wedding Present, The Wedding Present (Ukranian set)

26/5/89 UEA, Norwich

Mary My Hope, Fields Of The Nephilim

6/6/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Goober Patrol, Thrilled Skinny, Mega City Four

20/6/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Edsel Auctioneer, Brain Drain 69, Birdland

24/6/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Hover Chairs, Brilliant Corners

25/6/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Bardots, Stone Roses

17/7/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Replicas, Basti (King Of The Slums cancelled - van broke down)

22/7/89 Wembley Arena, London

Shellyan Orphan, The Cure

24/7/89 Wembley Arena, London

Shellyan Orphan, The Cure

29/7/89 Norwich Arts Centre

A Boy Called Tracy, Phil Hartley, Death By Milkfloat

31/7/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Spinning Jennys, Shine, Field Mice

25/8/89 Reading Festival

Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, That Petrol Emotion, Tackhead, Swans, House Of Love, Sugarcubes,

New Order

26/8/89 Reading Festival

Something Happens, Mc Cavitys Cat, Bhundu Boys, Les Negresses Vertes, The Men They Couldn't Hang,

Dam, Mary Loughlan, Green On Red, Atilla The Stockbroker, Joolz, Billy Bragg, The Wedding Present,

New Model Army, Frank Sidebottom, The Crop Dusters, The Pogues

27/8/89 Reading Festival

Andrew Cunningham, Head Of David, Loop, Jesus Jones, Crazyhead, Pop Will Eat Itself,

Voice Of The Beehive, Butthole Surfers, The Wonderstuff, The Mission

25/9/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Violet Voodoo, The Wild Poppies, Thee Hypnotics

9/10/89 Norwich Arts Centre

The Potting Sheds, The Charlottes, Benny Profane

23/10/89 Norwich Arts Centre

A Boy Called Tracy, Republic, Cud

28/10/89 UEA,Norwich

,Jesus Jones

30/10/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Nirvana, Tad

4/11/89 The Caribbean Centre, Ipswich

Beef, The Telescopes

6/11/89 Norwich Arts Centre

The Spinning Jennys, Friends, Bob

10/11/89 UEA,Norwich

Ian McCulloch

16/11/89 UEA,Norwich

the Primitives

20/11/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Turning Point, Shine, Wolfhounds

25/11/89 Wembley Arena, London

Claytown Troupe, The Cult

27/11/89 Norwich Arts Centre

Bardots, Kitchens Of Distinction

5/12/89 UEA,Norwich

The Bible

[1989 = 31 Total = 56]




15/1/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Bleach, Jackson, Telescopes

16/1/90 The Corn Exchange, Ipswich

Power Of Dreams, House Of Love

29/1/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Circle Sky, The Charlottes

5/2/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Violet Voodoo, Republic, Ride

6/2/90 UEA, Norwich

Mortal Sin, Faith No More

12/2/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Beaver Fever, Bah Hum Bugs, Thrilled Skinny

17/2/90 UEA, Norwich

Destroy The Boy, Birdland

25/2/90 UEA, Norwich

Giant International, The Creatures

26/2/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Scumhaters, Blab Happy, Senseless Things

4/3/90 UEA, Norwich

Republic, The Fall

5/3/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Replicas, Lush, Pale Saints

10/3/90 UEA, Norwich

Innocence Lost, The Icicle Works

11/3/90 UEA, Norwich

, The House Of Love

12/3/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Gas Poets, McCarthy, The Chills

14/3/90 Queens Hall, Bradford

The Mission

23/3/90 Wembley Arena

Something Happens, The Mission

24/3/90 NEC, Birmingham

Something Happens, The Mission


Emma Gibbs Loves Badges, Honey Buzzards, Kit

31/3/90 The Square, Harlow

The Mock Turtles, The Prudes

2/4/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Shine, The Popguns

7/4/90 The Square, Harlow

Screaming Custard, The Heartthrobs

23/4/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Circlesky, The Becketts, Family Cat

30/4/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Penny Candles, Bob

4/5/90 UEA, Norwich

Inspiral Carpets

7/5/90 Norwich Arts Centre

The Mothers, Fatima Mansions

12/5/90 The Square, Harlow

Kid Glad Love, Beef

21/5/90 Norwich Arts Centre

The Keatons, Cud

23/5/90 Norwich Arts Centre

, Ultra Vivid Scene

9/6/90 UEA, Norwich

Bardots, Shellyan Orphan, Railway Children

10/6/90 The Jacquard, Norwich

Carter USM

11/6/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Republic, The Heartthrobs

13/6/90 The Jacquard, Norwich


17/6/90 UEA, Norwich


20/6/90 The Jacquard, Norwich

Violet Voodoo, Rosetta Stone

22/6/90 Glastonbury Festival

Lush, Neville Brothers, Adamski, Jesus Jones, Happy Mondays

23/6/90 Glastonbury Festival

Boo Ya Tribe, James, Sinead O Connor, The Cure

2/7/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Delta Radio, Colour, Buffalo Tom

9/7/90 Norwich Arts Centre


29/7/90 Bretton Centre, Peterborough

Fields Of The Nephilim

30/7/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Violet Voodoo, Bite, Swervedriver

3/8/90 Civic Centre, Aylesbury

Loud, Fields Of The Nephilim

11/8/90 Crystal Palace Bowl, London

Lush, James, All About Eve, The Cure

29/8/90 Reading Festival

Mega City Four, An Emotional Fish, Mudhoney, Gary Clail, Skint Video, Half Man Half Biscuit, Nick Cave

Faith No More, The Cramps

30/8/90 Reading Festival

Neds Atomic Dustbin, Psychic TV, Wire, The Young Gods, Ride, Railway Children, Billy Bragg,

Milltown Brothers, Buzzcocks, The Wedding Present, Inspiral Carpets

31/8/90 Reading Festival

Senseless Things, Thee Hypnotics, Telescopes, Stereo MC's, Living Colour, Loop, Tackhead, Jesus Jones,


12/9/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Violet Voodoo, Jacobs Mouse

24/9/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Catherine Wheel, Honey Buzzards, Candy Thieves, Bardots

26/9/90 The Jacquard, Norwich


1/10/90 UEA, Norwich

Creaming Jesus, Fields Of The Nephilim

2/10/90 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Fields Of The Nephilim

8/10/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Drive, Mega City Four

13/10/90 UEA, Norwich

, Buzzcocks

19/10/90 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Levellers, Ed Elaine Johnson, New Model Army

20/10/90 Caribbean Centre, Ipswich

Bardots, The Heartthrobs

21/10/90 UEA, Norwich

Peter Aster, , Blue Aeroplanes

25/10/90 The Waterfront, Norwich

Bardots, Darling Buds

26/10/90 UEA, Norwich

Bleach, Ride

27/10/90 UEA, Norwich

, Jesus Jones

30/10/90 Norwich Arts Centre

The Chosen Ones, The Cristobelle Children, The Marionettes

2/11/90 The Waterfront, Norwich

Spinning Jennys, New Fast Automatic Daffodils

4/11/90 The Waterfront, Norwich

Faith Over reason, Lush

9/11/90 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Assasins, Galaxie 500

11/11/90 UEA, Norwich

Milk Bar, Pop Will Eat Itself

16/11/90 The Docks, Hamburg, Germany

The Sisters Of Mercy

17/11/90 The Docks, Hamburg, Germany

The Sisters Of Mercy

19/11/90 Norwich Arts Centre

Catherine Wheel, Cranes

23/11/90 UEA, Norwich

Boo Radleys, the Wedding Present

24/11/90 Wembley Arena, London

Mothers,The Sisters Of Mercy

26/11/90 The Waterfront, Norwich

Milk, Bleach, Swervedriver

4/12/90 UEA, Norwich

Robert Reilly, Dread Zepplin

7/12/90 The Waterfront, Norwich

Catherine Wheel, Slowdive, Telescopes

12/12/90 Brixton Academy, London

Power Of Dreams, the Mission

[1990 = 72, Total =128]




16/1/91 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

The Poets, Pop Will Eat Itself

1/2/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Silverfish, Killing Joke

10/2/91 Calton Colville Community Centre

From Their Heads Came, Catherine Wheel, Potting Sheds

15/2/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Th' Faith Healers, Carter USM

16/2/91 Caribbean Centre, Ipswich

Th' Faith Healers, Carter USM

20/2/91 The Zone, Lowestoft

Fish Logic

22/2/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Revs, Senseless Things

27/2/91 Rosies 2, Great Yarmouth

Bloodshot Image

1/3/91 UEA, Norwich

Drop, Neds Atomic Dustbin

3/3/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Blue Steel, Catalyst, The Jokers

5/3/91 The Waterfront, Norwich


6/3/91 The Zone, Lowestoft


8/3/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Ari Vais, Anastasia Sceamed, Throwing Muses

11/3/91 Norwich Arts Centre

Bah Humbugs, The Popguns

31/5/91 Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany

Rose Of Avalanche, Carter USM, Buffalo Tom, Throwing Muses, Jingo De Lunch, Fields Of The Nephilim


1/4/91 Norwich Arts Centre

From Their Heads Came... , Basti

3/4/91 The Zone, Lowestoft


5/4/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Republic, Boo Radleys, Chapterhouse

8/4/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Jacobs Mouse, Lunachicks

19/4/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Belltower, Honey Smugglers, Levitation

25/4/91 The Jacquard, Norwich

Slag, Blyth Power

29/4/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Honey Buzzards, The High

30/4/91 The Town & Country Club, London

Darkside, Fields Of The Nephilim

2/5/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Julian Cope

3/5/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Julian Cope

6/5/91 Norwich Arts Centre

Spinning Jennys, Keatons, Family Cat

13/5/91 The Waterfront, Norwich


24/5/91 Polytechnic, Bristol

Papa Sprain, Cranes

25/5/91 Lemon Grove, Exeter

Basti, Curve

27/5/91 Norwich Arts Centre

Suncharms, Curve

31/5/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Republic, New Model Army

1/6/91 Finsbury Park, London

Bleach, Rollins Band, Killing Joke, New Model Army, The Mission

2/6/91 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Buffalo Tom, The Wedding Present

14/6/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Mc Breth, 5.30

17/6/91 Norwich Arts Centre

Kites, Cranberries, Moose

27/6/91 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Silverchapter, Siouxsie & The Banshees

28/6/91 Brixton Academy, London

, Swervedriver, Killing Joke

5/7/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Daisy Chainsaw, Dr & the Medics

12/7/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

, Half Man Half Biscuit

16/7/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Mock Turtles

9/8/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

From Their Heads Came... , Manic Street Preachers

16/8/91 The Waterfront, Norwich


23/8/91 Reading Festival

Honey Thieves, Babes In Toyland, Silverfish, Belltower, Nirvana, Into Paradise, Chapterhouse, Dinosaur Jr

Pop Will Eat Itself, Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop

24/8/91 Reading Festival

Mercury Rev, Kingmaker, Fat Lady Sings, Teenage Fanclub, Blur, De la Soul, Dylans, Power of Dreams

The Fall, 5.30, Carter USM, Gerry Sadowitz, James

25/8/91 Reading Festival

Family Cat, Screaming Target, Swervedriver, Kitchens of Distinction, Senseless Things, Nitzer Ebb, Popinjays,

Pooh Sticks, King Pleasure & the Biscuit band, Catherine Wheel, Godfathers, Fatima Mansions, Cropdusters

Neds Atomic Dustbin, Sisters Of Mercy

13/9/91 Subterrania, London

Danielle Dax

27/9/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Moonshake, Cranes

5/10/91 The Dome, Tufnell Park, London

Ancestry, Sins Of The Flesh, Burning Fields of Elysuim, Every New Dead Ghost, Creaming Jesus

17/10/91 Norwich Arts Centre

Stare, Becketts, Family Cat

23/10/91 UEA,Norwich

Belltower, Chapterhouse

25/10/91 Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Resque, Carter USM

26/10/91 UEA,Norwich

Senseless Things, Carter USM

27/10/91 Norwich Arts Centre

, Catherine Wheel

28/10/91 The Waterfront, Norwich


7/11/91 The National, Kilburn, London

Kingmaker, Mega City Four, Carter USM

13/11/91 The Zone, Lowestoft

Cannibal Cane

14/11/91 The Zone, Lowestoft

Van Couver, From Their Heads Came...

15/11/91 UEA, Norwich

Dr Phibes & the House Of Wax Equations, All About Eve

16/11/91 Community Centre, Leiston

From Their Heads Came... , Cannibal Cane

20/11/91 The Zone, Lowestoft


22/11/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Sensitize, King Maker

23/11/91 Louis Marquise, Norwich

Violet Voodoo

1/12/91 UEA, Norwich

Siverfish, My Bloody Valentine

6/12/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Sugarhouse, Bardots, The Colourform

13/12/91 The Waterfront, Norwich

Virtually Fat Freeze, The Damned

17/12/91 Brixton Academy, London

Eat, King Maker, The Wonderstuff

19/12/91 Brixton Academy, London

Sunshot, Joolz, New Model Army

27/12/91 Butchers Arms, Beccles

The Jokers

[1991 = 68 Total = 196]




11/1/92 The Venue, London

Every New Dead Ghost, Nosferatu, James Rays Gangwar, Sex Gang Children

17/1/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Jacobs Mouse, Thee Hypnotics

24/1/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Violet Voodoo, Nutmeg, Fabulous

31/1/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Jon Fat Beast, Th' Faith Healers

7/2/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Moonflowers, Cardiacs

9/2/92 UEA, Norwich

Spitfire, Lush

13/2/92 City Lights, Lowestoft

Fish Logic, Cannibal Cane, From Their Heads Came...

15/2/92 UEA, Norwich

The Frank & Walters, Inspiral Carpets

16/2/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Wedding Present

22/2/92 English Reviera Centre, Torquay

Spitfire, Lush

26/2/92 UEA, Norwich

Honeybuzzards, Kingmaker

27/2/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Frank & Walters, 1000 Yard Stare

28/2/92 The Dome, Ipswich

Hard Times, Lovejunk, Echo & The Bunnymen

29/2/92 Essex University, Colchester

Midway Still, Mega City Four

2/3/92 UEA, Norwich

Verve, Ride

6/3/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Midway Still, Mega City Four

13/3/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Adorable, Curve

14/3/92 The Junction, Cambridge

Adorable, Curve

15/3/92 Town & Country Club, London

The Hair & Skin Trading Co, The God Machine, SWANS

20/3/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Drive, Spitfire

22/3/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

, ,

27/3/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Mercury Rev, Bleach

28/3/92 Sheffield Arena

Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus & Mary Chain

31/3/92 The Kings Head, Thorpe, Norwich

Indulgence ( I Played bass!!)

3/4/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Boo Radleys, Pale Saints

4/4/92 The Corn Exchange, Ipswich

Adorable, Curve

5/4/92 Brixton Academy, London

Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, Blur, The Jesus & Mary Chain

17/4/92 The Marquee, London

Restoration, Rosetta Stone

21/4/92 The Waterfront, Norwich (Radio 1 Sound City week)

Kingmaker, Senseless Things

22/4/92 Sound City Stage, The Haymarket, Norwich


23/4/92 City Lights, Lowestoft

Eminence, Insane, From Their Heads Came...

24/4/92 Caribean Centre, Ipswich

Mondo Popless, Phobia, Ludicrous Lolipops

25/4/92 The Waterfront, Norwich (Radio 1 Sound City week)

Monster, L7

26/4/92 The Waterfront, Norwich (Radio 1 Sound City week)

Stare, The farm, Carter USM

30/4/92 The Waterfront, Norwich


1/5/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Lovejunk, Dig

5/5/92 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

The Frank & Walters, Carter USM

7/5/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Goober Patrol, Leatherface, Fugazi

8/5/92 Caribean Centre, Ipswich

, Lovejunk, Herb Garden

14/5/92 Tiffanys, Great Yarmouth

Fish Logic

15/5/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Moonshake, PJ Harvey

22/5/92 Brixton Academy, London

Fabulous, Band Of Holyjoy, Carter USM

29/5/92 The Town & Country Club, London

Moonshake, Th' Faith Healers, PJ Harvey

5/6/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Sultans of Ping FC

6/6/92 Finsbury Park, London

Jacobs Mouse, Therapy, The Frank & Walters, L7, Ahouse, Mercury Rev, Red Kross, Fabulous, PJ Harvey,

Mega City Four, Pearl Jam, Neds Atomic Dustbin, The Cult

12/6/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Bardots, The Telescopes

13/6/92 The Marquee, London

Kite, Rubicon

18/6/92 Tiffanys, Great Yarmouth

From Their Heads Came..., Lovejunk

19/6/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Some Have Fins, Scorpio Rising, Eat

20/6/92 The Junction, Cambridge

Creaming Jesus, Crazyhead, Hair & Skin Trading Co, Silverfish

24/6/92 The Zone, Lowestoft

Eminence, Cannibal Cane

26/6/92 Glastonbury Festival

Fat Dinosaur, Senser, Joolz, Les, Kirsty McColl, Runrig, Senseless Things, Blue Aeroplanes, Breeders, TV, James, Carter USM

27/6/92 Glastonbury Festival

Th' faith Healers, Midway Still, Catherine Wheel, 1000 Yard Stare, Cud, House Of Love, Lush, Joolz, Curve, Levellers

28/6/92 Glastonbury Festival

Joolz & Justin Sullivan, Family Cat, The Frank & Walters, PJ Harvey, Blur, Tom Jones, Neds Atomic Dustbin, Skint Video, Ukranians

1/7/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Ahouse, The House Of Love

2/7/92 Tiffanys, Great Yarmouth

7 Day Wonder, Clownhouse

3/7/92 Caribbean Centre, Ipswich

Bowlfish, Lovejunk, Leatherface

4/7/92 Kings Head, Thorpe, Norwich

Problem Child, Indulgence

9/7/92 Scally Wags, Lowestoft


13/7/92 The Hippodrome, Colchester

Ludicrous Lollipops

14/7/92 Norwich Arts Centre

Ripleys Kiss, Diversion, Hybrid Art, Ludicrous Lollipops

16/7/92 Social Club, Little Plumstead


20/7/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Belly, Pavement

25/7/92 Slough Festival

Tomorrows Joy, Sensitize, Eat, Silverfish, Utah Saints, Senseless Things, The Fall, Jesus Jones

31/7/92 Powerhaus, Islington, London

The Revs, Ludicrous Lollipops

1/8/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Jacobs Mouse

3/8/92 The Waterfront, Norwich


8/8/92 The Venue, London

The Moles, Huggy Bear, Sebadoh

10/8/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Clownhouse, The Heartthrobs

11/8/92 The Boatrace, Cambridge

From Their Heads Came...

16/8/92 The Marquee, London

Children On Stun, Restoration, Every New Dead Ghost

20/8/92 Scally Wags, Lowestoft

Metropolitan Drugstore

25/8/92 The Marquee, London

Bowlfish, Urge Overkill, Babes In Toyland

28/8/92 Reading Festival

Redd Kross, Hair & Skin Trading Co, Fatima Mansions, Some Have Fins, Leatherface, Mega City Four, Cop Shoot Cop, PJ Harvey, The God Machine, Public Image Ltd, Lunachicks, Charlatans, The Wonderstuff

29/8/92 Reading Festival

Therapy, Urge Overkill, Buffalo Tom, 1000 yard Stare, Rollins Band, Smashing Pumpkins, The Farm, The Heartthrobs, Manic Street Prechers, Natural Life, Sultans Of Ping, Sunscreem, Ride, Suede, Public Enemy

30/8/92 Reading Festival

Tabitha Zu, The Melvins, Screaming Trees, Pavement, Bjorn Again, Beastie Boys, L7, Teenage Fanclub, Scorpio Rising, Mudhoney, Eat, Catherine Wheel, Nirvana

5/9/92 Tiffanys, Great Yarmouth

7 day Wonder

7/9/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Darling Buds, kitchens Of distinction

9/9/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Creaming Jesus, Atom Seed

11/9/92 Norwich Arts Centre

Mc Breth, Lovejunk

12/9/92 The Junction, Cambridge

Colonel Hathis Dawn Patrol, Puressence, Ludicrous Lollipops

14/9/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Pond, Throwing Muses

19/9/92 The Junction, Cambridge

Grime Time, That Petrol Emotion

21/9/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Frank & Walters, Radiohead

22/9/92 The Ship, Great Yarmouth

Horace Goes Skiing, Goober Patrol

23/9/92 TheTown & Country, London

Urge Overkill, Babes In Toyland

25/9/92 The Dome, London

The Joyriders, Mega City Four

26/9/92 Rock City, Nottingham

Eugenuis, Babes In Toyland, New Cranes

30/9/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Jacobs Mouse, Babes In Toyland

3/10/92 Manchester University

Jacobs Mouse, Babes In Toyland

5/10/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Butterfly Child, Elephant Witch, Daisy Chainsaw

6/10/92 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Sweet Jesus, Scorpio Rising, Pop Will Eat Itself

7/10/92 The Waterfront, Norwich

Pop Will Eat Itself

10/10/92 Essex University, Colchester

The Janasen, Australian Stooges, Hinnies, Tabitha Zu, Cuckoos, Genuis Freak, Charlie Brown (vomit act) , Noman

12/10/92 Embassy Arena, Braintree

Cod, Senseless Things, Mega City Four

15/10/92 The Waterfront,Norwich


19/10/92 The White Horse, Hampstead, London

Love Blobs, Action Swingers

20/10/92 Le Zenith, Paris, France

Cranes, The Cure

21/10/92 Le Zenith, Paris, France

Cranes, The Cure

22/10/92 The National, Kilburn, London

, Leatherface, Mudhoney

23/10/92 Stroller Coaster tour, Uni of Herts, Hatfield

The Janasen, Tabitha Zu, The Hinnies, Cuckoos, Genuis Freak, Charlie Brown (vomit act), Captain Lard Arse, Sunshot, Australian Stooges

26/10/92 The Waterfront,Norwich

Breed, Gallon Drunk

31/10/92 The Marquee, London

Children On Stun, Rosetta Stone

3/11/92 The Powerhaus, Islington, London

The Revs, Sugarblast, Ludicrous Lollipops

6/11/92 Colchester Arts Centre

Maniac Squat, Eat

8/11/92 The Marquee, London

Homage Freaks, Sunshot

13/11/92 Norwich arts Centre

Dave Barcle, Elmerhassel, 3 1/2 minutes

14/11/92 Brixton Academy, London


14/11/92 Samuel Beckett, Stoke Newington, London

Blyth Power, Zounds

15/11/92 Colchester Arts Centre

Bettie Serveert, Belly

17/11/92 The Waterfront,Norwich

Delta Radio, Bang Bang Machine

18/11/92 NEC, Birmingham

Cranes, The Cure

19/11/92 The Waterfront,Norwich

Wobble, Bum gravy, Hair & Skin Trading Co

20/11/92 The Junction, Cambridge

Sunshot, Cubanate

20/11/92 The Boat Race, Cambridge

Metroland, Lovecraft

23/11/92 The Waterfront,Norwich

Indust, Oil Seed Rape, Therapy

27/11/92 Oylmpia, Kensington, London

The Cure

28/11/92 UEA,Norwich

Kinky Machine, Neds Atomic Dustbin

29/11/92 The Powerhaus, Islington, London

Oil Seed Rape, CNN, Sunshot

30/11/92 The Waterfront,Norwich

Yoghurt Belly, That Petrol Emotion

1/12/92 Norwich Arts Centre

Infant Kiss, Dig, Humphreys Go-kart

2/12/92 Norwich Arts Centre

Lovejunk, Goober Patrol, Oil Seed Rape,

4/12/92 UEA,Norwich

Moonshake, The Wedding Present

5/12/92 Rock City, Nottingham


7/12/92 The Hippodrome, Colchester

Sugarblast, Ludicrous lollipops

8/12/92 The Waterfront,Norwich

Tabitha Zu

10/12/92 The Junction, Cambridge

Pet Lamb, Cornershop, Therapy

11/12/92 The Junction, Cambridge

Butterfly Child, Sundays

13/12/92 UEA, Norwich

Magnapop, Sugar

14/12/92 Brixton Academy, London

Pavement, Sonic Youth

15/12/92 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Elmerhassel, Goober Patrol, Farside

16/12/92 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Mucky Pup, The Family Cat, Carter USM

18/12/92 NEC, Birmingham

Senser, African Headcharge, Levellers

19/12/92 The Junction, Cambridge

Tabitha Zu, Rosetta Stone

26/12/92 The Fighting Cocks, Lowestoft

, Metroplitan Drugstore

[1992 = 135, Total =331 ]




2/1/93 Eurobeat 2000, Regency Palace Hotel, Piccadily Circus, London

Wild Mind, From Their Heads Came...

16/1/93 Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Back To The Planet, Meat Beat Manifesto, Pop Will Eat Itself

18/1/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Goober Patrol, Scum Patrol

20/1/93 UEA, Norwich

Julian Cope (2.5 hours set)

27/1/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Passhendale, Backwards Dog, Manuscript

29/1/93 The Wherehouse, Derby

Sunshot, Miranda Sex Garden

30/1/93 The Leadmill, Sheffield

Sunshot, Miranda Sex Garden

2/2/93 UEA, Norwich

Miranda Sex Garden

6/2/93 The Shamrock Club, Peterborough

Kerilla, The God Machine

9/2/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Whisk, Psychedelic Lemon Blouses, Sugar Men, The Revs

13/2/93 The Square, Harlow

Rosa Mota, Sunshot

15/2/93 Norwich Arts Centre


19/2/93 The Army & Navy, Chelmsford

Blackberry Subway Jam, Legendary Undertakers, Sunshot

22/2/93 Middlesex Uni, London


23/2/93 The Borederline, London

Grimetime, Sunshot

25/2/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Excel, Rachel Papers, Even As We Speak

26/2/93 The Forum, Hatfield

Forest Hillbillies, Surfurbia, Cyclones, Sunshot

27/2/93 Christs Hospital College, Horsham


2/3/93 UEA, Norwich

Sid Bou Said, Submarine, The Werefrogs

9/3/93 Rock City, Nottingham

Naked Truth, Peg, Sunshot, Creaming Jesus

10/3/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Atrocity Exhibition, Manuscript, Sins Of The Flesh 2

13/3/93 The Town & Country Club. London

Carter USM, Mambo Taxi, Leatherface, Senseless Things

18/3/93 The Powerhaus, Islington, London

Angel Interceptor, Wonky Alice, Sunshot

20/3/93 ULU, London

Blaggers ITA, New Model Army

24/3/93 The Pinktooth Brush, Rayleigh

Miranda Sex Garden

2/4/93 Tiffanys, Great Yarmouth

7 Day Wonder

3/4/93 Community Centre, Haverhill

Ring Peace, I Thought I Told U, Jacobs Mouse

5/4/93 The Dome, London

Angel Interceptor

5/4/93 The Marquee, London

Death By Crimpers

8/4/93 Butchers Arms, Beccles


10/4/93 The Boat Race, Cambridge

Jacobs Mouse

17/4/93 The Grand, Clapham, London

Miranda Sex Garden, Einsturzende Neubauten

20/4/93 The Boat Race, Cambridge

Yoghurt Belly, the Heartthrobs

22/4/93 Butchers Arms, Beccles

Four Play

23/4/93 The Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead


27/4/93 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Cropdusters, Ed Elaine Johnson, New Model Army

1/5/93 The Dome, London

Toxic Shock Syndrome, Sonic Violence, Sunshot

1/5/93 The Victoria, Deptford, London

Experiment, Homage Freaks, The Sea

2/5/93 The Venue, London

Experiment, Homage Freaks, Zu, Poisoned Electrikhead, The Sea, Cardiacs, Eskimos & Egypt

4/5/93 The Astoria, London

Power Of Dreams, New Model Army

5/5/93 The Astoria, London

Cropdusters, New Model Army

6/5/93 Butchers Arms, Beccles

Big red Overcoat

7/5/93 UEA, Norwich

Don Bajema, Henry Rollins (Spoken word)

9/5/93 Hackney Homeless Festival, Clissord Park, Stoke Newington, London

Spannerman, Poisoned Eletrickhead, Thesen, RDF, Back To The Planet, Blyth Power

11/5/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Yoghurt Belly, Moonshake

14/5/93 UEA, Norwich

Gallon Drunk, PJ Harvey

15/5/93 The Island, Ilford, London

Huge Baby, Tansmission, Andromeda Strain, Quad, Buxom, Lo-Tec, Peach, GrimeTime, Oil Seed Rape

16/5/93 The Grand, Clapham, London

Sunshot, the Heartthrobs, The Fall

18/5/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Flyover, Extension Leads, Humphreys Go-kart

19/5/93 The Marina, Lowestoft

Kevin "bloody" Wilson

22/5/93 The Monarch, Camden, London

Headswirl, Angel Interceptor, Fibrehead

23/5/93 "Big Top Frenzy",Guildhall, Portsmouth.

Firework Party, The Rubber Bishops, Midway Still, Alan Parker, Moonshake, Atilla The Stockbroker, Eat,

Back To The Planet, Mega City Four, Trevor & Simon, Pop Will Eat Itself

25/5/93 Norwich Arts Centre


29/5/93 The Oval, Norwich

The State, Crazyhead

1/6/93 Caribbean Centre, Ipswich

Moving Targets, Mega City Four

3/6/93 Virgin Megastore (opening party), Norwich

Catherine Wheel

7/6/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Exhibition, Fur, Endless Drone, The Walkabouts

8/6/93 Camden Palace, London

Do Re Me (Carter USM)

10/6/93 The Oval, Norwich

, Passchendale, Birdland

11/6/93 The Grand, Clapham, London

Tiny Monroe, Slowdive, Cranes

12/6/93 Stanmere Park, Brighton

Dr Phibes, Chumbawumba, Levitation, Levellers

13/6/93 Great Xpectations, Finsbury Park, London

The Family Cat, Kingmaker, Catherine Wheel, Senseless Things, The Frank & Walters, Guy Chadwick, Belly,

Sugar, Carter USM, The Cure

14/6/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Red Dress, Bivouac, Jacobs Mouse

19/6/93 Earlham Park, Norwich

Hanging Tree, Sunshot, Big Truth Band, The Sea, Midway Still, Back To The Planet

20/6/93 The Venue, London

Angel Interceptor, Zu, Credit To The Nation, Revolutionary Dub Warriors, God Like Bass,

28/6/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Handsome, Horace Goes Skiing, Polvo

29/6/93 Brixton Academy, London

Hair & Skin Trading Co, The Cult

2/7/93 The Boatrace, Cambridge

Yoghurt Belly, Sidi Bou Said

3/7/93 Vinyl Experience Shop, London

Die Cheerleader

9/7/93 The Bull & Gate, London

Angel Interceptor, Appleberry Crescent, Sea Nymphs

10/7/93 Mauretania, Bristol

Latter Day Saints, Wonderful, Sunshot

11/7/93 The Bull & Gate, London

Dollface, Zu, Sunshot

12/7/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Extension Leads, Gan, Goober Patrol

15/7/93 The Boatrace, Cambridge

Yoghurt Belly, Zu, Sunshot

16/7/93 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Straford Upon Avon

Jacobs Mouse, Sidi Bou Said, God Machine, Fatima Mansions, Hair & Skin Trading Co, Hole, Eat, Julian Cope, The Family Cat, Sonic Youth

17/7/93 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Straford Upon Avon

Die Cheerleader, Silverfish, That Pertrol Emotion, Mint 400, Rubber bishops, Bjorn Again, The Young Gods, The Men They Couldn't Hang, Dr Phibes, Faith No More

18/7/93 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Straford Upon Avon

New Cranes, Wishplants, CNN, Hyperhead, Bad Religion, Mercury Rev, Helmet, Bivouac, Ian McNabb, 1000 Yard Stare, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Wedding Present, Sheep On Drugs

19/7/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Velocity Girl

23/7/93 Jericho Tavern, Oxford

The Changelings, Die Cheerleader

24/7/93 The Entertainer, Hereford

LD50, Sunshot

26/7/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Pitkins, Mandrax Incident, Even As We Speak

28/7/93 The Crypt, Hastings


31/7/93 Deptford Free Festival, New Cross, London

Experiment, Fear Of Fear, Sidi Bou Said, The Sea, Homage Freaks, Senser, Back To The Planet

31/7/93 The Bull & Gate, London

Angel Interceptor, Lovecraft, Blonde & Blue (Michael Monroe)

1/8/93 The Marquee, Charing Cross Road, London

Pipedream, Homage Freaks

5/8/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Voodoo Queens

12/8/93 Tiffanys, Great Yarmouth

Seven Day wanda, Elmerhassel, Jacobs Mouse

14/8/93 The Willow Tree, Slough

Les Payne Band

17/8/93 The Forum, London

Molly Half Head, Die Cheerleader, Iggy Pop

18/8/93 The Forum, London

Molly Half Head, Die Cheerleader

18/8/93 The Bull & Gate, London

Angel Interceptor, Zu, The Heartthrobs

19/8/93 The Oval, Norwich

Compact Pussycat, Extension Leads, Waddle

23/8/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Lemon Growers, Spellbound, Steerpike

24/8/93 The Bull & Gate, London

Map , Angel Interceptor

25/8/93 The Junction, Cambridge

The Doughboys, Senseless Things

27/8/93 Reading Festival

Tool, Voodoo Queens, Green Apple Quickstep, Bad Brains, Flaming Lips, Stone Temple Pilots, Babes In Toyland, Butthole Surfers, Leatherface, Neds Atomic Dustbin, Rage Against The Machine, Frank Sidebottom, The Frank & Walters

28/8/93 Reading Festival

The Cherrys, Gigolo Aunts, Madder Rose, Eat, Die Cheerleader, Senseless Things, Therapy, Swervedriver, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Eat (2nd set), Blur

29/8/93 Reading Festival

Oil Seed Rape, Jesus Lizard, Primus, Magnapop, Alice Donut, Trumans Water, Goats, Pastels, Breeders, Juliana Hatfield 3, Lemonheads, Grant Lee Buffalo, Family Cat, Dinosaur Jr, New Order

1/9/93 The Boat Race, Cambridge

What A Mess, New Cranes

3/9/93 The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London

Suck Henry, Zu, Lovecraft

4/9/93 The Garage, London

Chapterhouse, Cranes

13/9/93 Norwich Arts Centre


17/9/93 Kings Head, Brockdish

Adams Pants

18/9/93 The Forum, London

Jacobs Mouse, Trumans Water, Babes In Toyland

20/9/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Horace Goes Skiing, Spinning Jennys, Scrawl

22/9/93 The Oval, Norwich

Extension Leads

24/9/93 The Forum, Hatfield

Catherine Wheel

27/9/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Clockwork Oranj, Pitt 3, Passing Clouds, Sidi Bou Said

28/9/93 The Hippodrome, Colchester

Maniac Squat, Trumans Water, Babes In Toyland

29/9/93 The Junction, Cambridge

Trumans Water, Babes In Toyland

30/9/93 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Papa Brittle, Levellers

1/10/93 LA2, London

Chapterhouse, Catherine Wheel

2/10/93 Westminster University, London


3/10/93 Peppermint Park, Norwich

Spellbound, Catherine Wheel

4/10/93 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Blink, Sultans Of Ping FC, Carter USM

7/10/93 Portsmouth University


8/10/93 The Forum, Hatfield

Pop Will Eat Itself

15/10/93 LA2, London

Die Cheerleader

18/10/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Delta Radio, Hypontize, Pram

21/10/93 The Junction, Cambridge

Skyscraper, Mega City Four

29/10/93 Brixton Academy, London

Swervedriver, Curve

30/10/93 The Marquee, Charing Cross Road, London

Grotus, Pitchshifter, Neurosis

1/11/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Mambo Taxi

5/11/93 LA2, London

Mint 400, Cranes

7/11/93 The Marquee, Charing Cross Road, London

Huge Baby, Angel Interceptor, Experiment

11/11/93 The Oval, Norwich

Dirty, Zodiac Mindwarp

11/11/93 Tiffanys, Great Yarmouth


17/11/93 The Junction, Cambridge

The Verlaines, Buffalo Tom

23/11/93 The Oval, Norwich

The Wishplants

26/11/93 The Square, Harlow

Travis Cut, Skyscraper, Mint 400

29/11/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Pitkins, Magoo, Hula Hoop, Boyracer

30/11/93 The Oval, Norwich

The Joeys, Love Junk, Elmerhassel

1/12/93 UEA, Norwich

, The Damned

6/12/93 Norwich Arts Centre


11/12/93 The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London

AC Acoustics, Breed, Jacobs Mouse

12/12/93 Brixton Academy, London

Die Cheerleader, Iggy Pop

13/12/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Choklit Oranj, Skink

13/12/93 Central Park, Norwich


15/12/93 The Waterfront, Norwich

Darryl-Ann, Acetone, Verve

18/12/93 Tiffanys, Great Yarmouth


20/12/93 Tiffanys, Great Yarmouth

Horace Goes Skiing, Hollow, Joyland, Goober Patrol

22/12/93 Norwich Arts Centre

Yoghurt Belly

27/12/93 Rock City Nottingham

7 Little Sisters, Psychastorm, Rosetta Stone, Credit To The Nation, New Cranes

30/12/93 The Garage, London

Rosa Mota, Swervedriver

[1993 = 148 Total = 479}



7/1/94 Norwich Arts Centre

The Whiskey Priests

8/1/94 The Marquee, London

Dub War, Angel Interceptor, Panixphere

13/1/94 Esquires, Bedford

Hopeless, Elastica

15/1/94 LA2, London

S*M*A*S*H, Echobelly, Elastica

20/1/94 The Oval, Norwich

Mad Cow Disease

24/1/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Lets Scare Jessica To Death, Waddle, Elmerhassel, Jacobs Mouse

27/1/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Emperors of Ice Cream, Sultans of Ping FC

29/1/94 The Marquee, London

Split Pigs, Mad Cow Disease

31/1/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Oil Seed Rape

4/2/94 Colchester Arts Centre

Split Pigs, Mad Cow Disease

7/2/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Unbridled Passion, Pitkins, Ivy, Fur

9/2/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Sleeper, A house, Blue Aeroplanes

10/2/94 The Junction, Cambridge

Sleeper, A house

12/2/94 The Water Rays, Kings Cross, London

Fisch, Count Zero, Breathless, Sunshot

14/2/94 UEA, Norwich

Cocteau Twins

14/2/94 Norwich Arts Centre


16/2/94 UEA, Norwich

New Cranes, the Mission

18/2/94 The Forum, London

New Cranes, the Mission

19/2/94 The Forum, London

Emperor of Ice Cream, Carter USM

19/2/94 The Kings Head, Fulham, London

Image Wot Image?, The Sea

25/2/94 The Bull & Gate, London

Grounded, Honeyrider, Salad

26/2/94 The Astoria, London

Daryll Ann, Compulsion, Smashing Pumpkins

27/2/94 Piao Festival, Emerald Centre, Hammersmith, London

Santa Pod, I've Been Good, The Weekenders, Linus, C B Beaumont, Mambo Taxi, McTells, Angel Interceptor

Bleed , Wat Tyler, Skinned Teen, Sister George, Swarzenegger

28/2/94 Norwich Arts Centre


3/3/94 The Oval, Norwich

New Cranes

5/3/94 The Regent, Ipswich

The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer

6/3/94 UEA, Norwich

Kerb Dog, Crediit to the Nation, Therapy

7/3/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Flyover, Shed 7, Compulsion

12/3/94 Muirton Hotel, Inverness

, Blind Groove

14/3/94 Ritzys, Norwich

Various Vegetables, Kerosene

21/3/94 The Hippodrome, Colchester

The Wishplants

28/3/94 Norwich Arts Centre


11/4/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Yogurt Belly

15/4/94 The Boatrace, Cambridge

Skuravi, The Wishplants

16/4/94 The Regent, Ipswich

Gigolo Aunts, The Wonderstuff

17/4/94 The Junction, Cambridge

Skyscraper, Killing Joke

18/4/94 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Gigolo Aunts, The Wonderstuff

20/4/94 The Astoria, London

Mannaseh, Medicine Drum, Skyscraper, Killing Joke

22/4/94 Bowes Lyon house, Stevenage

Spastic, Sulphur, Blessed Ethel

28/4/94 The Dublin Castle, Camden, London

Gorgeous Space Virus, Suck Henry, Sunshot

29/4/94 UEA, Norwich

Dig, Rollins Band

5/5/94 Princess Charlotte, Leicester

Sunshot, XC-NN

7/5/94 The Leadmill, Sheffield

Sunshot, XC-NN

8/5/94 The Wherehouse, Derby

Sunshot, XC-NN

9/5/94 Norwich Arts Centre


10/5/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Jerry Sadowitz

12/5/94 Caribbean Centre, Ipswich


14/5/94 UEA, Norwich

These Animal Men, Buzzcocks

16/5/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Seaweed, Bivouac

19/5/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Luna, The Auteurs

20/5/94 The Civic, Wolverhampton

Pig, Nine Inch Nails

23/5/94 The Boatrace, Cambridge

Done Lying Down, Compulsion

24/5/94 The Forum , London

Treponem Pal, Pig, Nine Inch Nails

25/5/94 The Forum , London

Pig, Nine Inch Nails

26/5/94 The Forum , London

Treponem Pal, Pig, Nine Inch Nails

27/5/94 The Grand,Clapham, London

That Petrol Emotion

28/5/94 Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, London

The Gits, Smilie, Urban Species, Joolz, Justin Sullivan, Levellers

28/5/94 The Garage, London

Seaweed, Bivouac

28/5/94 The Venue, New Cross, London

Polaroid, Frog, Poisoned Electric Head, Map, Miranda Sex Garden, Cardiacs

30/5/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Lorelei, Handsome, Yogurt Belly, Blessed Ethel

31/5/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Rodan, Eggs, Tsunami

6/6/94 Norwich Arts Centre


8/6/94 The Boatrace, Cambridge

Fabric, Understand, Jacobs Mouse

13/6/94 The Boatrace, Cambridge

Gogmagog, Map, Angel Interceptor

14/6/94 The Oval, Norwich

Cuban Heels, God Knows, The Godfathers

17/6/94 LA2, London

Possum Dixon, Rub Ultra, Skunk Anansie

18/6/94 Astoria, London

Depot F, XC-NN, Sheep On Drugs

20/6/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Tiny Monroe

25/6/94 Norwich Arts Centre

The Ukranians

4/7/94 Norwich Arts Centre


8/7/94 The Grand, Clapham, London

Blaggers ITA, Salad, Carter USM

11/7/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Hitch Your Wagon to a Chicken, Kaliphz

12/7/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Submarine, Tool

15/7/94 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford Upon Avon

Skunk Anansie, Whiteout, Reef, Wasp Factory, Goats, Half Man Half Biscuit, Radial Spangle, Drive Like Jehu, The Fall, Moon Shake, Kirsty McCall, Carter USM, Stereolab, The Wonderstuff

16/7/94 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford Upon Avon

Huge Baby, Fin, Thrum, Rub Ultra, Compulsion, Sandals, Urban Dances, My LIfe Story, Senseless Things, Toyah, Ozric Tentacles, Mega City Four, Pop Will Eat Itself, Swervedriver, Beautiful South

17/7/94 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford Upon Avon

Blessed Ethel, , NOFX, Family Cat, Buzzcocks, Killing Joke, Neds Atomic Dustbin, Therapy, Girls Against Boys

18/7/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Done Lying Down

23/7/94 Lions Den, Ipswich

, Love Junk, Mega City Four


Whisk, Magoo, Ash

28/7/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Naked, Joyland, The Nivens, Pitkins

30/7/94 The Quay, Beccles

Last Orders, Scratch The Cat

1/8/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Bang Bang Machine

6/8/94 Colchester Arts Centre

Julie Dolphin, Yoghurt Belly

11/8/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Yoghurt Belly, Bandit Queen

26/8/94 Reading Festival

The Verve, Transglobal Underground, Deus, Smudge, Steve Gribbin, Hole, Sleeper, Frank Black, Attila the Stockbroker, Lush, The Wedding Present

27/8/94 Reading Festival

Jale, Salad, Pulp, Tiny Monroe, Superchunk, Manic St Preachers, Elastica, Frabnk Sidebottom, Primal Scream

28/8/94 Reading Festival

Collapsed Lung, Cop Shoot Cop, Stabbing Westwood, Helmet, Wildhearts, Echobelly, Rollins Band, Therapy, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

5/9/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Mr Jolly, PMT, Goober Patrol, Bowl Fish

9/9/94 Caxton Club, Beccles

The Jokers

12/9/94 Norwich Arts Centre


19/9/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Choklut Oranj, Archers of Loaf

24/9/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Joeys, Orange, Blink

1/10/94 The Venue, London

The Sea, XC-NN

3/10/94 The Junction, Cambridge

Julie Dolphin, Radiohead

5/10/94 UEA, Norwich

Puppy Love Bomb, Sugar

7/10/94 UEA, Norwich

Dub War, Sleeper, Manic St Preachers

10/10/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Rub Ultra, S*M*A*S*H

13/10/94 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Headless Chickens, Blaggers ITA, Compulsion, Pop Will Eat Itself

15/10/94 Astoria, London

Ivy, Orange, The Wedding Present

16/10/94 The Junction, Cambridge

Saffrons Daughter, Ivy, The Wedding Present

17/10/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Joeys, Handsome, Compact Pussycat, Mantaray

18/10/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Heather Nova, Killing Joke

19/10/94 UEA, Norwich

Blaggers ITA,

20/10/94 The Army & Navy, Chelmsford

Rub Ultra, Nubiles, S*M*A*S*H

21/10/94 Brixton Academy, London

Compulsion, Pop Will Eat Itself

23/10/94 The Junction, Cambridge

Thurman, Drugstore, Echobelly

24/10/94 Norwich Arts Centre


26/10/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Blubber, Ash, Elastica

31/10/94 Norwich Arts Centre

Martin X, Half Time Oranges, 59 Reasons, Prolapse

12/11/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Crazy Gods Of Endless Noise, Rub Ultra

14/11/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Magoo, Drugstore, Gene

24/11/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Belles, Blameless, Family Cat

30/11/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Compact Pussycat, Throw That Beat, Salad

4/12/94 UEA, Norwich

These Animal Men, Carter USM

5/12/94 The Waterfront, Norwich


9/12/94 The Oval, Norwich

Cubanate, Carcass

11/12/94 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Mother Tongue, The Cult

12/12/94 The Waterfront, Norwich

Hypontize, Ivy, Laika

15/12/94 The Forum, London

Dub War, New Model Army

19/12/94 The Waterfront, Norwich


29/12/94 The Powerhaus, Angel, London

, Angel Cage, Antonina

30/12/94 The Water rats, Kings Cross, London

, Balaam & The Angel

31/12/94 The Garage, London

Julie Dolphin, Sleeper

[1994 = 127, Total = 606]


9/1/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Chuck Buzz, Waddle, Jacobs Mouse

16/1/95 Norwich Arts Centre

8 Storey Window

19/1/95 The Oval, Norwich


22/1/95 The Astoria, London

60ft Dolls, Skunk Anansie, Marion, Veruca Salt

23/1/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Choklut Oranj, Compact Pussycat, Bandit Queen

24/1/95 UEA, Norwich


30/1/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Animals That Swim

2/2/95 Butchers Arms, Beccles

Mr Pitiful

5/2/95 The Colosseum, Watford

Shootyz Groove, Killing Joke

6/2/95 The Forum, Hatfield

New Model Army

8/2/95 UEA, Norwich

Disco Inferno, Siouxsie & The Banshees

9/2/95 The Empire, Shepherds Bush, London

Skunk Anansie, Shootyz Groove, Killing Joke

10/2/95 Earham Lodge, UEA village, Norwich

Drum, Tufty's Nut Box

14/2/95 The Oval, Norwich

Joyriders, Headswim

16/2/95 Butchers Arms, Beccles


22/2/95 Colchester Arts Centre

Shockaholic, Salad

25/2/95 UEA, Norwich

James Hall, The Mission

27/2/95 The Waterfront, Norwich

Bluescript, Nyack, Sleeper

28/2/95 The Junction, Cambridge

Nyack, Sleeper

1/3/95 UEA, Norwich

Cold Water Flat, Belly

5/3/95 UEA, Norwich

Shihad, Faith No More

6/3/95 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Thurman, Salad, Carter USM

7/3/95 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Tricky, P J Harvey

8/3/95 The Forum, Hatfield

, Loop Guru, Pop Will Eat Itself

18/3/95 Esquires, Bedford

Mandrake Freakshow, Skunk Anansie

25/3/95 The Waterfront, Norwich

Dogger, Delicatesan

27/3/95 Norwich Arts Centre

American TV Cops

3/4/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Halftime Oranges, Yoghurt Belly, Prolapse

5/4/95 Corn Exchange, Ipswich

Nubiles, Powder, Elastica

6/4/95 The Waterfront, Norwich

Feeder, Moist

7/4/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Folklaw, Blyth Power

18/4/95 The Junction, Cambridge

Rancho Diablo, Nitzer Ebb

19/4/95 The Waterfront, Norwich

Rancho Diablo, Nitzer Ebb

21/4/95 The Oval, Norwich

Gorgeous, , Lovejunk

24/4/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Fitz Of Depression

28/4/95 The Astoria, London

Nitzer Ebb

29/4/95 The Octagon, Sheffield

Scarce, Hole

1/5/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Pitkins, Bluescript, Ivy

3/5/95 Rock city, Nottingham

Scarce, HoleSalad

6/5/95 Rock city, Nottingham


14/5/95 LA2, London

Ligament, Wool, Babes In Toyland

16/5/95 UEA, Norwich

Finch, Salad

29/5/95 Norwich Arts Centre

, The Beans, Action Jacks

2/6/95 The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, London

Ezio, Boo Hewerdine, Heather Nova

5/6/95 UEA, Norwich

Compact Pussycat, Yoghurt Belly, Goober Patrol, Feeder

8/6/95 Hectors House, Norwich

Magoo, Ivy

9/6/95 UEA, Norwich

Schtum, Skunk Anansie, Therapy

10/6/95 UEA, Norwich

Jim Rose Circus Sideshow

19/6/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Skyline, Believe, Angel Cage

23/6/95 Glastonbury Festival

Senser, The Boredoms, Die Toten Hosen, Reef, Shed 7, Rebel Nation, Soul Asylum, Sleeper, Belly,

Prodigy, Oasis

24/6/95 Glastonbury Festival

Soul Coughing, Skunk Anansie, Atilla The Stockbroker, Joolz, P J Harvey, Offspring, Portishead

Frank Sidebottom

25/6/95 Glastonbury Festival

Strangelove, Drugstore, The Verve, Tanita Tikaram, Veruca Salt, Simple Minds, Elastica, The Cure

3/7/95 The Borderline, London

Valley Of The Dolls, John Palmer, Sunshot

6/7/95 The Y Club, Chelmsford


7/7/95 The Astoria, London

Audioweb, Sharkboy, The Verve

11/7/95 The Oval, Norwich

Head like a hole

18/7/95 The Oval, Norwich


28/7/95 The Water Rats, kings Cross, London

, Angel Cage, Done Lying Down

29/7/95 Deptford Free Festival, Fordham Park, London

Valley Of The Dolls, Fear Of Fear, Flinch, Dub War, Skunk Anansie, Back To The Planet

31/7/95 Norwich Arts Centre


6/8/95 Caxton Club, Beccles

Wired, Medicine Bow

7/8/95 Beccles Quay

John Noakes Experience

14/8/95 Norwich Arts Centre


15/8/95 Camden Palace, London


18/8/95 Dublin Castle, London

, Flinch

25/8/95 Reading Festival

Heather Nova,Juliana Hatfield, Weknowwhereyoulive, Deus, Solar Race, Whale, Hole, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, Eddie Izzard

26/8/95 Reading Festival

Puressence, Skunk Anansie, Powder, 60ft Dolls, Snuff, Shed 7, Throwing Muses, Tricky, Electrafixion, Flinch


27/8/95 Reading Festival

Crazy Gods Of Endless Noise, Silverchair, Dubwar, Babes In Toyland, Buffalo Tom, Mudhoney, Elcka, Frank Sidebottom, Carter USM

31/8/95 The Oval, Norwich


3/9/95 The Oval, Norwich


4/9/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Skyline, Action Jacks, Speedway

8/9/95 LA2, London

Angel Cage, Huge Baby, Mark Burgess & Yves Altana

11/9/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Compact Pussycat, Cottonmouth

18/9/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Pitkins, Magoo, Bang Bang Machine

2/10/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Des Lynam Allstars, Goober Patrol, Yoghurt Belly

3/10/95 The Oval, Norwich

China Beach, Skyclad

3/10/95 The Hive, UEA, Norwich

H-Bar, My Life Story

7/10/95 Shepherds Bush, London

Julian Cope

8/10/95 The Junction, Cambridge

The Mystics, Longpigs, Echobelly

12/10/95 The Corn Exchange, Ipswich

60ft Dolls, Sleeper

13/10/95 UEA, Norwich

Electrafixion, Boo Radleys

15/10/95 UEA, Norwich

Girl Of The year, Nilon Bombers, Carter USM

16/10/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Smurf Tribe, Waddle, Dr Bison

21/10/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Whiskey Priests

23/10/95 Shepherds Bush, London

, Alanis Morrissette

24/10/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Honey crack, China Drum

28/10/95 The Waterfront, Norwich

Compact Pussycat, Solar Race

30/10/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Velvia, Skyline, Action Jacks

2/11/95 The Underworld, Camden, London

Whale, Mansun, China Drum

3/11/95 The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London

Real TV, Feeder, Rub Ultra

4/11/95 The Junction, Cambridge

In-breeds, Puressence, Buffalo Tom

10/11/95 The Y club, Chelmsford

Rub Ultra

11/11/95 The Forum, Kentish Town, London

Papa Brittle, The Young Gods

13/11/95 The Rig, Rock City, Nottingham

Placebo, Whale

20/11/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Sidi Bou Said

23/11/95 The Forum, Kentish Town, London

Audioweb, Earthling, Garbage

25/11/95 The Waterfront, Norwich

Fat, Rub Ultra

26/11/95 The Borderline, London

, Skinjob, Sunshot

27/11/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Mental Floss, Luster, Thrush Puppies

30/11/95 Hectors House, Norwich

Hard Cousin,Luster

1/12/95 The Garage, London

Fat, Rub Ultra

4/12/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Done Lying Down

8/12/95 Nottingham Rock City

Rub Ultra, The Almighty

11/12/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Moggy, Vanilla Pod, The Joeys

16/12/95 Clancys, Crewe

Paddy Whacked

17/12/95 Labatts Apollo, Hammersmith

Bottom (the big number 2)

18/12/95 Norwich Arts Centre

Action Jacks, Delgados

[1995 = 109, Total = 715]





8/1/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Smurf Tribe, Yogurt Belly, Prolapse

12/1/96 Colchester Art Centre

, Lush

15/1/96 Norwich Arts Centre

60 ft Dolls

22/1/96 Norwich Arts Centre

, Bluescript, Catatonia

25/1/96 UEA, Norwich

Longpigs, Skunk Anansie

26/1/96 UEA, Norwich

Duffy, Gene

27/1/96 The Waterfront, Norwich

Soda, Shed 7

30/1/96 UEA, Norwich

Bawl, Delicatessen, Echobelly

3/2/96 The Waterfront, Norwich


5/2/96 UEA, Norwich

, Levellers

12/2/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Goober Patrol, Strip Kings

13/2/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Cecil, Apes Pigs & Spacemen

19/2/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Dog Toffee, Skyline, Skyscraper

20/2/96 UEA,Norwich

Audioweb, Mansun

21/2/96 The Boat Race, Cambridge

What a mess, Bully Rag (XCNN cancelled on the day)

23/2/96 The Garage, London


26/2/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Backwater, Urusei Yatsura

29//2/96 The Oval, Norwich

Dream Disciples

4/3/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Ovahead, Solar Race

5/3/96 The Oval, Norwich

Dog Toffee, Sultans (ex- Of Ping)

11/3/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Magoo, Beatnik Filmstars

16/3/96 The Drum & Monkey, Ipswich

Lovejunk, Mega City Four

18/3/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Sodium Blue, Navigator, Elevate

20/3/96 The Waterfront, Norwich


22/3/96 Labatts Apollo, Manchester

Bis, Garbage

24/3/96 Brixton Academy, London

Bis, The Rentals, Garbage

25/3/96 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

The Rentals, Garbage

26/3/96 Town & Country Club, Leeds

The Rentals, Garbage

27/3/96 Rock City, Nottingham

The Rentals, Garbage

29/3/96 Norwich Arts Centre

, Girls Against Boys

31/3/96 The Junction, Cambridge

Mantaray, Lush

1/4/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Mantaray, Lush

4/4/96 The Oval, Norwich

Scully, Rock Bitch

5/4/96 The Oval, Norwich

Leech Woman, Evil Mothers

10/4/96 Norwich Arts Centre

The watchmen, Autopop

14/4/96 Shepherds Bush Empire, London

Honey Crack, Alanis Morrisette

15/4/96 Norwich Arts Centre

The Wagon, Mark 13, Cable

22/4/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Hypnotize, Pure Morning

24/4/96 UEA, Norwich


25/4/96 The Waterfront, Norwich


29/4/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Hard Cousin, The Bigger The God

30/4/96 UEA, Norwich

La Bradford, High Llamas

3/5/96 Norwich Arts Centre

, The Wannadies

4/5/96 The Waterfront, Norwich

In Aura

6/5/96 Clapham Common Free Festival, London

Brotherhood, Rumorosa, Oyster Band, Trans Global Underground, The Men They Couldn't Hang

11/5/96 The Waterfront, Norwich

Octopus, Longpigs

12/5/96 The Oval, Norwich

Feeder, Skyscraper, Send No Flowers

14/5/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Smurf Tribe, Waddle, Scarfo

15/5/96 The Powerhaus, Finsbury Park (?), London

Blaggers ITA, Die Cheerleader

18/5/96 UEA, Norwich

Bis, 60 ft Dolls

20/5/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Bluescript, Telstar Ponies

21/5/96 UEA, Norwich


23/5/96 The Army & Navy, Chelmsford


24/5/96 Norwich Arts Centre

The Dharmas

26/5/96 Marina Centre, Great Yarmouth (tattoo convention)

, Sods Law

27/5/96 The Boat Race, Cambridge


28/5/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Dog Toffee, Vanilla Pod, Tribute To Nothing

30/5/96 The Waterfront, Norwich

Super Furry Animals

31/5/96 Earls Court, London

The Cure

1/6/96 UEA, Norwich

Gorkys Zygotic Mynci, Manic Street Preachers

3/6/96 Norwich Arts Centre

AC Acoustics, Placebo

5/6/96 The Waterfront, Norwich


6/6/96 The Waterfront, Norwich


10/6/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Ray Speedway & the Devils of Pace, Bardots, Urusei Yatsura

13/6/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Pelt, Navigator, Puressence

14/6/96 The Eels Foot, Ormesby

Scully, Hard Cousin, Sound

17/6/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Magoo, Calvin Party

22/6/96 Earlham Park, Norwich (Sundance 96 fest)

Definition Of Sound, Electric Groove Temple, Def Tex, Ozric Tentacles

23/6/96 Finsbury Park, London

3 Colours Red, Fluffy, 69 ft Dolls, Stiff Little Fingers, Buzzcocks, Skunk Anansie, Wildhearts,

Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols.

24/6/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Solar Race

25/6/96 The Army & Navy, Chelmsford

Solar Race

29/6/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Velvia, Hypnotize

1/7/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Action Jacks, Flaming Stars

3/7/96 The Oval, Norwich

State Of Play, Downstroke

6/7/96 The Oliver Twist, Colchester

Nervous, Push, Pinheads (Lovejunk - Ramones Tribute)

8/7/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Burned Dahlia, Hard Cousin, Thrush Puppies

12/7/96 The Oval, Norwich

Zonefly, Blastcage

13/7/96 Norwich Art school


15/7/96 Norwich Arts Centre


18/7/96 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford upon Avon

Kenickie, Frank Black, Gene, The Young Gods, The Prodigy, Prolapse, David Bowie, The Cocteau Twins, Richard Morton.

19/7/96 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford upon Avon

Nervous (II?), A, The Dharmas, Feline, Paul Tonkinson, Charlie Chuck, Dodgy, Foo Fighters,

Frank Sidebottom, Alanis Morrisette, Neil Young, Heather Nova, Lush.

20/7/96 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford upon Avon

Soda, Edge Park, Ruby, Scheer, Jazzmatazz, Mark Steele, Beth Orton, Nut, Margaretta Pracatan, Catatonia

Skunk Anansie, Mice, Moloko, Cypress Hill, Bjork, Mark Lamarr.

21/7/96 Phoenix Festival, Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford upon Avon

Linoleum, Joyrider, Broadcast, Drugstore, Rare, Holy Barbarians (Featuring Vic Reeves), 12 Rounds, Showgirls, Senser, Crazy Gods Of Endless Noise, Dub War, Echobelly, Compulsion, Phil Jupitus, Tracy Bros, Sex Pistols.

22/7/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Candy Apple

26/7/96 The Oval, Norwich

Pure Passion

29/7/96 Norwich Arts Centre

The Gift, Candyskins

4/8/96 Waterloo Park, Norwich

Rainbyrds, Folklaw, Nightshade, Parker, Babyman, Scully, Pure Passion.

5/8/96 Norwich Arts Centre

Parker, Spike, Emperor Julian.

7/8/96 The Oval, Norwich

Bliss, Dead On Arrival

9/8/96 The Oval, Norwich


11/8/96 (Wilde in ...) Eaton Park, Norwich

Scully, Bond, Pitkins, Velvia, Action Jacks.

11/8/96 The Oval, Norwich.

, Scully.

17/8/96 Norwich Arts Centre.


21/8/96 The Oval, Norwich.

Scullly, Dogtribe

23/8/96 Reading Festival.

Feeder, Alone, Nut, Placebo, Butthole Surfers, Charlie Chuck, Terrorvision, 60 Ft Dolls, THe Offspring, Bis, Rage Against the Machine, Frank Sidebottom, The Prodigy.

24/8/96 Reading Festival.

Ruby, Moloko, Chap, Posh, Chinadrum, Rude Club, My Life Story, Salad, Catatonia, Julian Cope, Garbage, Dubstar.

25/8/96 Reading Festival.

Compulsion, Girls Against Boys, The Wedding Present, 12 Rounds, Tortoise, Gene, Terry Alderton Sonic Youth, Underworld.

28/8/96 Waterfront, Norwich.

Pitkins, Scully.

2/9/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Slyph, Hypnotize, Sidi Bou Said.

3/9/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Bond, Ether, Mansun.

6/9/96 The Waterfront, Norwich

Metal headz - DJ's

7/9/96 The Oval, Norwich.

Downstroke, Scully, Palomine, Mr Jolly.

9/9/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Sneaker Pimps, Collapsed Lung.

11/9/96 The Junction, Cambridge.

Sound, Scully.

15/9/96 The Boatrace, Cambridge.

NY Loose, Kerb dog.

22/9/96 The Oval, Norwich.

Weird New Bags,

23/9/96 Norwich Arts Centre.


24/9/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Hard cousin, Linoleum, Tiger.

27/9/96 Leisure Centre, Harleston.

Adam's Pants, Red Mecca.

29/9/96 Waterfront, Norwich.

, The Fall.

30/9/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Ivy, The Bigger The God.

2/10/96 The Boatrace, Cambridge.

, Sneaker Pimps.

3/10/96 Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Pusherman, The Levellers.

4/10/96 Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Pusherman, The Levellers.

7/10/96 The Borderline, London.

, Angel Cage.

12/10/96 Waterfront, Norwich.

, The Pecadiloes, Fluffy.

15/10/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

The Dharmas

16/10/96 UEA, Norwich.

Alan Parker.

17/10/96 The Oval, Norwich.

Crazy Gods of Endless noise, Feeder, Lodestar.

18/10/96 The Waterfront, Norwich.

C J Bolland

22/10/96 The Army & Navy, Chelmsford.

Chuck, Feline.

23/10/96 The Drum & Monkey, Ipswich.


26/10/96 The Underworld, Camden.

Andromeda Strain, Solar Race, Skyscraper.

28/10/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

, Prolapse.

29/10/96 UEA, Norwich.

Ether, My Life Story.

1/11/96 Wulfren Hall, Wolverhampton.

Sparkle Horse, Mazzy Star.

5/11/96 UEA, Norwich.

Don, Symposium.

6/11/96 Waterfront, Norwich.

Last Straw, The Men They Couldn't Hang.

8/11/96 Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Tracy Bonham, Skunk Anansie.

9/11/96 The Oval, Norwich.

Sweet N' Innocent, Rock Bitch.

11/11/96 Dingwalls, Camden.

Pecadiloes, Sneaker Pimps.

13/11/96 Waterfront, Norwich.


15/11/96 Fat Paulys, Norwich.

Mr Jolly, Hard Cousin, The Gift.

16/11/96 Norwich Arts Centre.


18/11/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

, Bluescript, Bennet.

20/11/96 The Oval, Norwich.

, The Aloof.

21/11/96 The Army & Navy, Chelmsford.

Tasty, Feeder.

22/11/96 The Forum, London.

Jolt, Feeder.

24/11/96 UEA, Norwich.

The Driven, 3 Colours Red, Skunk Anansie.

25/11/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Pitkins, The Sweeney.

27/11/96 The Oval, Norwich.

The Dawn, DBH.

28/11/96 Waterfront, Norwich.

The Aphex Twin.

30/11/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Them heads.

1/12/96 Theatre Royal, Norwich.

Eddie Izzard.

2/12/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Massey, Peptone.

3/12/96 The Junction, Cambridge.

Sneaker Pimps, Neneh Cherry.

4/12/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

1000's Of Kittens.

5/12/96 The Y club, Chelmsford.

Don, Beeswax.

8/12/96 Waterfront, Norwich.

Stereophonics, Kenickie.

9/12/96 UEA, Norwich.

Feeder, Terrorvision.

9/12/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Massey, Smaller.

10/12/96 Wembley Arena.

The Cure.

11/12/96 The Regent, Ipswich.

Shooting Stars .

(13/12/96 - Drove to Nottingham for Marilyn Manson, but show cancelled on the night)

14/12/96 The Oval, Norwich.

The Whiskey Priests.

16/12/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Goober Patrol.

19/12/96 ULU, London.

Rachel Stamp, Feeder, Dubwar.

21/12/96 Norwich Arts Centre.

Scully, Velvia, Flaming Stars.


12th Century Drawing Machine.

27/12/96 Fat Pauly's, Norwich.

Downstroke, Scully, The Gift.

[1996 = 161, Total = 876]




6/1/97 Norwich Arts Centre.

Hard Cousin, The Candyskins.

13/1/97 Norwich Arts Centre.

Angel, B'mer, Hypnotize.

17/1/97 Fat Pauly's, Norwich.

, Scully.

20/1/97 The Astoria, London.

Pecadiloes, Silver Sun, Sneaker Pimps, Space.

24/1/97 UEA, Norwich.

3 Colours Red, Geneva, Tiger, Symposium.

25/1/97 The Apollo, Hammersmith.

Billy Connolly.

27/1/97 Norwich Arts Centre.

Spider Bomb, Velvia, Thrush Puppies.

28/1/97 The Junction, Cambridge.


28/1/97 UEA, Norwich.

Beth Orton.

31/1/97 The Oval, Norwich.

Shrunk, The Hormones.

3/2/97 Norwich Arts Centre.

Waddle, Novocaine.

8/2/97 The Oval, Norwich.

Rock Bitch.

9/2/97 The Oval, Norwich.

The Exploited.

10/2/97 Norwich Arts Centre.


12/2/97 The Playhouse, Norwich.


14/2/97 The Island, Ilford


17/2/97 Norwich Arts Centre.

Urusei Yatsura

22/2/97 The Orange, West Kensington, London

Dizzy Q Viper, Rachel Stamp

24/2/97 Norwich Arts Centre.

Pitkins, Sidi Bou Said.

25/2/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Angel, Velvia, Navigator

27/2/97 Norwich Arts Centre.

Ed Alleyne Johnson

2/3/97 HMV, Norwich

Feeder (Acoustic + instore signing)

2/3/97 UEA, Norwich

Number 1 Cup, Feeder, Reef

3/3/97 The Esplanade, Southend

One Inch Punch, Sneaker Pimps

4/3/97 UEA, Norwich

Massey, Supernaturals, Gene

8/3/97 The Garage, London

Vitro, One Inch Punch, Sneaker Pimps

10/3/97 The Regent , Ipswich

Bottom Live - Hooligans Island

14/3/97 Norwich Arts Centre.

Alan Davies

17/3/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Hurricane, 3 Colours Red

22/3/97 Esquires, Bedford

Linoleum, Sneaker Pimps

24/3/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Schemer, Ovahead, Beatnik Filmstars.

26/3/97 The Oval, Norwich

Elleven, Serafin, Scully

28/3/97 The Oval, Norwich

Semtex, Spot

29/3/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Angel, Whisk, Velvia

30/3/97 Fat Paulys, Norwich

The Gift, Scully

31/3/97 The Oval, Norwich

Cecil, Pist.on

1/4/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Republica, Fun Lovin' Criminals

4/4/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Scully, Massey

7/4/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Mr Jolly, Tribute To Nothing

11/4/97 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Bamba Simba, Scully

14/4/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Hard Cousin, Pitkins

21/4/97 The Drum & Monkey, Ipswich

Sunburst, Nemo, Feeder

22/4/97 The Army & Navy, Chelmsford

Cable, Feeder

24/4/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Mainstream, Smaller, Catatonia

25/4/97 The Oval, Norwich

Rebelation, Them Heads

28/4/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Garageland, Deadstar, Bennet

29/4/97 Rock City, Nottingham

Midget, Feeder

30/4/97 The Oval, Norwich


2/5/97 Brixton Academy, London

The Levellers

3/5/97 Barfly, The Falcon, Camden, London


4/5/97 Brixton Academy, London

Linoleum, Rollins Band

[Total = 905]

5/5/97 May Day festival, Finsbury Park, London

The Dharmas, Billy Bragg, Atilla the Stockbrocker, Dreadzone, Joolz, The Men They Couldn't Hang

10/5/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Breather, Goldblade

13/5/97 The Waterfront, Norwich


16/5/97 LA2, London

Groop DogDrill, Feeder

17/5/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

A, Jesus Jones

19/5/97 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Redd Kross, Foo Fighters

30/5/97 Brixton Academy, London

Pist.on, Marilyn Manson

21/5/97 The Boat Race, Cambridge

The Saffs, Solar Race

23/5/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Bond, Fiel Garvie, Velvia

25/5/97 Essential Festival, Brighton

Vitro, The Driven, Earl Brutus, Sub Circus, Pitchshifter, Linoleum, Sneaker Pimps, The Dharmas, 3 Colours Red, Helmet, Salad, Kenickie, Bodycount, Mogewai, Paiul Oakenfold, The Levellers

27/5/97 Rock City, Nottingham

Pist.on, Marilyn Manson

29/5/97 The Waterfront, Norwich


31/5/97 Sundance Festival, Earlham Park, Norwich

Zion Train, Doom Weasel, Audioweb, Sneaker Pimps, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Apollo 440

4/6/97 The Oval, Norwich

Swim, Solar Race

5/6/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

A, Symposium

7/6/97 Strawberry Fair, Cambridge

Them Heads, Ezio & Boogie,

9/6/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Navigator, Mogwai

16/6/97 The Oval, Norwich

Hard Cousin, Blyth Power

20/6/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Simon Day

23/6/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Massey, Cuff

25/6/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Mulu, Dubstar

27/6/97 Glastonbury Festival

The Shirehorses, Echo & the Bunnymen, Terrorvision, The Levellers, Tofu Love Frogs, Lamb, Steve Gribben, Bill Bailey, The Prodigy

28/6/97 Glastonbury Festival

Republica, Death In Vegas, Headrillaz, The Aloof, Joolz, Dubstar, The Chemical Brothers

29/6/97 Glastonbury Festival

Bentley Rhythym Ace, 3 Colours Red, Lion Rock, Beth Orton, Echobelly, Mr Methane, Datf Punk

30/6/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Betty Ford, Freeboy

5/7/97 The Hog In Amour, Norwich

Biscuit, Babyman

7/7/97 Norwich Arts Centre


8/7/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Hard Cousin

11/7/97 The Oval, Norwich

Rock Bitch



14/7/97 Norwich Arts Centre

MIA, Schemer, Lig

15/7/97 The Falcon, Camden, London


17/7/97 The Junction, Cambridge

Death In Vegas, Sneaker Pimps

18/7/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Willo, Hard Cousin

21/7/97 The Garage, London

A, Shihad

27/7/97 Eaton Park, Norwich

Swim, Betty Ford, Hard Cousin

28/7/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Real Universal, The Hormones

30/7/97 The Falcon, Camden, London

Sargent, Feline

2/8/97 The Quay, Beccles

Those Glam Rockers

3/8/97 Waterloo Park, Norwich

Celtica, Planet Peach, Prozac sun

4/8/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Hurricane # 1

7/8/97 The Junction, Cambridge

Snowpony, Dinosaur Jr

10/8/97 The Oval, Norwich

Scully, Tampasm

11/8/97 Norwich Arts Centre

The Watchman, The Dandys

14/8/97 Fat Paulys, Norwich


15/8/97 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Sodium Blue, Moggy, Subvert

16/8/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Rude Club

17/8/97 V97, Hylands Park, Chelmsford

Feeder, The Driven, Alabama 3, Apollo 440, Fluke, Olive, Geneva, Sneaker Pimps, Foo Fighters, Echo & the Bunnymen, Propellerheads, Gene, Prodigy

22/8/97 Reading Festival

Pecadiloes, Kenickie, A, Catatonia, James, Sick Of It All, Jonathan*Fireeater, Pennywise

23/8/97 Reading Festival

Rude Club, Apollo 440, Republica, You Am I, Cardigans, Super Furry Animals, Lemonheads, Mulu, David Devant, & his spirit wife, Vitro, Wannadies, Bentley Rhythm Ace

24/8/97 Reading Festival

Feeder, 3 Colours Red, Dinosaur Jr, Hurricane #1, Posh, Marilyn Manson, The Verve

28/8/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Real Universal, Sodium Blue, The Pitkins

1/9/97 Norwich Arts Centre

The Genies

8/9/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Doolittle, Fiel Garvie, Dream City Film Club

9/9/97 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Fleece, Ruby Flipper

11/9/97 Norwich Arts Centre

The Pitkins, Massey

12/9/97 Shepherds Bush Empire, London

New Model Army (Acoustic), New Model Army

22/9/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Jam Jar Warriors, Moggy

23/9/97 UEA, Norwich

The Levellers

27/9/97 The Ferry Boat, Norwich


2/10/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Sods Law, Feeder

3/10/97 The Oval, Norwich

Rock Bitch

6/10/97 Norwich Arts Centre (1000th gig)

Schemer, Dorian Taj

7/10/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Cable, China Drum

11/10/97 UEA, Norwich

Don, Echo & the Bunnymen

12/10/97 The Boat Race, Cambridge

Redwood, Groop Dogdrill, A

13/10/97 The Junction, Cambridge

Attica Blues, Morcheeba

15/10/97 The Oval, Norwich

Redwood, A, Groop Dogdrill

18/10/97 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Betty Ford

20/10/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Schemer, Prolapse

22/10/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Les Rhythmes Digitale, Bentley Rhythm Ace

23/10/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Fiel Garvie

24/10/97 Shepherds Bush Empire, London

Vitro, Pig, KMFDM

27/10/97 The Waterfront, Norwich


27/10/97 Norwich Arts Centre


28/10/97 The Waterfront, Norwich

Roni Size & Reprazent

31/10/97 The Apollo, Harleston

Red Mecca (Pumpkin set), Red Mecca (Reaper set)

3/11/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Penthouse Dogs, The Flaming Stars

10/11/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Ruby Flipper, The Sweeney

11/11/97 UEA, Norwich

Bennet, Rialto, Echobelly

17/11/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Real Universal, Mainstream

22/11/97 Wortwell Community Centre

Hypontize, Red Mecca

24/11/97 The Boat Race, Cambridge

Feline, Catherine Wheel

25/11/97 Cambridge Corn Exchange

Eddie Izzard

28/11/97 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Moggy, Subvert

1/12/97 The Army & Navy, Chelmsford


4/12/97 Cambridge Corn Exchange

Comfort, Dubstar, The Lightning Seeds

5/12/97 UEA, Norwich

Dubstar, The Lightning Seeds

8/12/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Arab Strap

15/12/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Kaito, , The Pitkins

17/12/97 Shepherds Bush Empire, London

The Cure

18/12/97 Norwich Arts Centre

Ruby Flipper, Fabulous Kitchenware, Little Mink, Real Universal

20/12/97 The Oval, Norwich

Kaito, Sods Law, Spot

22/12/97 Battersea Power Station, London

The Prodigy

[1997 = 145 Total = 1021]



3/1/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Mental Floss, Subvert

9/1/98 The Oval, Norwich


12/1/98 Norwich Arts Centre

, Velvia

16/1/98 LA2, London

A, Incubus, Sugar Ray

17/1/98 Brixton Adademy, London

The Verve

19/1/98 Norwich Arts Centre

The Pastels

20/1/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich


23/1/98 Colchester Art Centre

Radiator, Feline, Catherine Wheel

26/1/98, Norwich Arts Centre

Bullyrag, Earl Brutus

30/1/98 The Oval, Norwich

Fofeit, Foil

2/2/98, Norwich Arts Centre

Ruby Flipper

3/2/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Superstar, Catatonia

8/2/98 Hammersmith Apollo, London

Shooting Stars, The Fast Show

9/2/98, Norwich Arts Centre

Aerial M, Mogwai

11/2/98 The Junction, Cambridge

Santa Cruz, Dubstar

12/2/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Wireless, Dubstar

16/2/98 Norwich Arts Centre

Snow Patrol

20/2/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Moggy, Fleece, Kaito

22/2/98 The Oval, Norwich

Fabulous Kitchenware, Kaito, , Dive

23/2/98 Norwich Arts Centre

Hershe, Fiel Garvie, Hood

26/2/98 ULU, London

Feline, Catherine Wheel

28/2/98 Esquires, Bedford

Feline, Catherine Wheel

2/3/98 Norwich Arts Centre

Kaito, Male Nurse

4/3/98 The Boatrace, Cambridge

Feline, Catherine Wheel

6/3/98 The Oval, Norwich

Rock Bitch

9/3/98 Norwich Arts Centre

Prolapse, Urusei Yatsura

10/3/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Radiator, Feline, Catherine Wheel

13/3/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Flex, Southpaw, Goober Patrol

13/3/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich


16/3/98 Norwich Arts Centre

Addict, Carrie

17/3/98 Theatre Royal, Norwich

Simon Peg, Steve Coogan

20/3/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Sulk, Weave

21/3/98 Norwich Arts Centre

Babyman, Shere Khan

23/3/98 Norwich Arts Centre

Flex, Ego, Mely's

27/3/98 Norwich Arts Centre

Otis Canneloni, Bob Mills

28/3/98 The Oval, Norwich

Vanilla Pod, Murphys Law, Snuff

30/3/98 Norwich Arts Centre

Hypnotize, The Sweeney

31/3/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

King Prawn, Therapy

6/4/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

, Ovahead, Dawn Of The Replicants

9/4/98 The Underworld, London

No Santa, Understand, A

11/4/98 The Oval, Norwich

Subvert, The Unsane

13/4/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Bitter Springs

19/4/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Everclear, Feeder

20/4/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Backyard Babies, Groop Dogdrill

25/4/98 The Oval, Norwich

Rock Bitch

27/4/98 UEA, Norwich


28/4/98 The Waterfront, Norwich


30/4/98 Shephards Bush Empire, London

Annie Christian, Curve

3/5/98 TUC Respect Festival, Finsbury Park

Bim Sherman, Dub Pistols, Snug

4/5/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Crone, PH Family, Idlewild

5/5/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Mandaloes, Fiel Garvie, Fleece

11/5/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Hershe, Pecadiloes

19/5/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Transistor, Headswim

20/5/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Formula One, Goldblade

22/5/98 Cambridge Corn Exchange

New Model Army (acoustic), New Model Army

24/5/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

A, Symposium

25/5/98 Tattoo convention, Marina Centre, Great Yarmouth

Old Heads

25/5/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Lounge Lizards, Profane, Zen Gorilla

1/6/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Oblivion Garage, Half Time Oranges, Massey

2/6/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Hyperstation, Schemer

3/6/98 Shephards Bush Empire, London

Superstar, Catherine Wheel

4/6/98 Brixton Academy, London


7/6/98 Wilde In the Park, Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich

, Pitkins

8/6/98 Civic Centre, Wolverhampton

Crystal Method, Garbage

15/6/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich


20/6/98 Eastzone 98 @ Fat Paulys, Norwich

Over real, Flipside, Oblivion Garage, Monty, Fiel Garvie, Real Universal, Velvia, Kaito, The Gift, The Nivens, Magoo, Glitterbox

21/6/98 Eastzone 98 @ Fat Paulys, Norwich

Teapot Groovers, Eugene Speed, Sulk, Pseudo, Babyman, Dynamo Hum, Penthouse Dogs, Spirited, Bliss, Goober Patrol, Stony Sleep, The Smiles

22/6/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Ruby Flipper

26/6/98 Glastonbury Festival

Laika, Fluke, Kristen Hersh, 6x7, Foo Fighters, Joolz, The Jesus & Mary Chain

27/6/98 Glastonbury Festival

A, Catherine Wheel, Kenickie, Tori Amos, Theaudience, Morcheeba, Deftones, Adam F, Fatboy Slim, Roni Size / Reprazent

28/6/98 Glastonbury Festival

Medieaval Baebes, Senser, Dust Junkys, Magoo, Feeder, Roni Size (DJ set)

29/6/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Microbes, Stella Maris

6/7/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Ripe, Ruth

12/7/98 The Bandstand, Hunstanton

, Monty

13/7/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Subvert, Monkeyboy

20/7/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Crest, Polak

25/7/98 Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich

Superfly Allstars, Head-on.

27/7/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

The Trypt Up, Beat Glider, Microbes

28/7/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Electric Loungers, Kaito

31/8/98 Cambridge Folk Festival

Steve Riley & the Cowboys, Eddi Reader, Levellers

2/8/98 Waterloo Park, Norwich

Velvia, Binary, Folklaw, Celtica, Fiel Garve, Crest, Fleece, Magoo

3/8/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Massey, Hofman

10/8/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Eugene Speed, Goober Patrol, Dustball.

11/8/98 The Green, Hunstanton (Radio 1 roadshow)

The Young Offenders, Kula, Republica, Billee, Lightning Seeds

11/8/98 The Bandstand, Hunstanton


11/8/98 Dublin Castle, Camden, London


12/8/98 The Falcon, Camden, London

Cay, Speed Urchin, King Prawn.

14/8/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Trigger , Universal Love Train, Monty

15/8/98 Pigstock festival 98, Denbigh, North Wales.

Break, Monty, Nods Corner, Fluff, Burn.

17/8/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Horace Goes Skiing, Samarui 7.

18/8/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich


24/8/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Gravel, Male Nurse

26/8/98 The Junction, Cambridge

Ballroom, The Dandy Warhols.

28/8/98 Reading Festival

Headswim, Delgados, Save Ferris, Lodger, Afghan Whigs, Dancehall Crashers, No Use For A Name, Deftones, Kenickie, Formula One, Pitchshifter, Bad Religion.

29/8/98 Reading Festival

PH Family, Asain Dub Foundation, Addict, Rancid, Echo & the Bunnymen, Foo Fighters, Prodigy, Roni Size/Reprazent, Beastie Boys.

30/8/98 Reading Festival

Drugstore, A , Backyard Babies, The O, Shed Seven, Satellite Beach, New Order, Garbage.

7/9/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Magoo, Snow Patrol.

14/9/98The Waterfront, Norwich

Annie Christian.

17/9/98The Waterfront, Norwich

Cyclefyl, One Minute Silence, Pitchshifter.

21/9/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Crashboy, Hirameka Hifi

22/9/98The Waterfront, Norwich

Straw, Puressence

28/9/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Sulk, Profane

29/9/98 UEA, Norwich

The Muttonbirds

3/10/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Generation X-d, Ultraviolence.

5/10/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Doolittle, Penthouse Dogs, Flaming Stars.

7/10/98 The Waterfront, Norwich


12/10/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Half Man Half Biscuit

13/10/98 The Waterfront, Norwich


14/10/98 LA2, London

Cable, Carrie, A

16/10/98 UEA, Norwich

Idlewild, Ash.

17/10/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Spirited, Schemer, Magoo

18/10/98 UEA, Norwich

Radiator, groop Dogdrill, Motorhead.

20/10/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Gel, Republica

22/10/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Hooverphonic, Moloko.

24/10/98 Warwick University.

Hooverphonic, Moloko.

25/10/98 The Junction, Cambridge

Groop Dogdrill, Therapy

26/10/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Flipside, Kaito, Polak

27/10/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich


28/10/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Bob Mould

2/11/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Hyperstation, , Crest

5/11/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Beverley Knight, Morcheeba

6/11/98 Brixton Academy, London


9/11/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Ripe, Hester, Thrale

12/11/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Damned

13/11/98 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Stroppy, Weave, Massey, Cay

16/11/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Flex, Ovahead, Dream City Film Club

18/11/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Mediaeval Baebes

19/11/98 The Forum, Kentish Town, London

Carson, Natalie Imbruglia

19/11/98 The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London


20/11/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Rock Bitch

22/11/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Heist, Eddi Reader

23/11/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Kaito, Hofman

28/11/98 UEA, Norwich

Henry Rollins (spoken word)

30/11/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Offler, Alnico, Elephant

1/12/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Hugh Cornwell

2/12/98 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge


3/12/98 The Waterfront, Norwich

Bruce Dickinson

5/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Hyperstation, Magoo

7/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Microbes, Ten Benson

10/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Southpaw, Snuff

10/12/98 Norwich Art School

The Neutrinos.

11/12/98 The Astoria, London

Cay, New Model Army

12/12/98 Sports Centre, Harleston

Swirl, Red Mecca

13/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Shaft, Universal Love Train, Ruby Flipper

16/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

The Neutrinos

17/12/98 Brixton Academy, London

3 Colours Red, Marilyn Manson

18/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Lovejunk, Consumed, Goober Patrol

21/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Samurai 7

22/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich


23/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich


28/12/98 Fat Paulys, Norwich


[1998 = 152, total = 1173]





2/1/99 The Bull, Watton


8/1/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Nedrine, Shaft, Schemer

11/1/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Ego, The Junket

18/1/99 The Dome, Doncaster

Moloko, Garbage.

19/1/99 Rivermead Centre, Reading

Moloko, Garbage.

23/1/99 UEA, Norwich

Llama Farmers, Delakota, Idlewild, U.N.K.L.E (NME tour)

25/1/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Postalowa, Yellow Alert, Kaito, Twinkle

28/1/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Massey, Fleece

29/1/99 The Brunswick, Great Yarmouth


3/2/99 The Junction, Cambridge

Tribute To Nothing, Radiator, Pitchshifter

8/2/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Semtex, Southpaw, Caffeine

12/2/99 The Waterfront, Norwich


14/2/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Tribute To Nothing, Radiator, Pitchshifter

15/2/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Random Factor, THe Electric Effect

16/2/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Boghead, Hyperstation

19/2/99 The Oliver Twist, Colchester

Junk culture, Sofa Romp, Project Mork, Subvert

22/2/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Muse, Gene

22/2/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Semtex, Weave 67, Goober Patrol

23/2/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Cay, 3 Colours Red

24/2/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Intravenous, Ovahead, Flaming Stars

25/2/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Crone, Massey, Fungus

28/2/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

PMT, Stiff Little Fingers

1/3/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Fiel Garvie, Astrid

3/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Profane, Consumed

4/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Sex By Sound, Groundswell UK

5/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Fabulous Kitchenware, Spear Of Destiny

9/3/99 The Garage, London

Revolver, The Neutrinos, 3 Mile Smile, Ruby Flipper

10/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

DBH, Tribute To Nothing

11/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Fun Freak, Spot,, The Jellys

12/3/99 Cricketers Rest, Norwich

Penthouse Dogs

13/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Demise I, Subvert

14/3/99 The Junction, Cambridge

Llama Farmers, Feeder

17/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Ego, The Kynd

18/3/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Llama Farmers, Feeder

20/3/99 Norwich Art Centre

The Porn, Neutrinos

22/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Yellow Alert, The Sweeney

27/3/99 Community Centre, Wortwell

Roach, Freak Magnet

31/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Postalowa, Beatglider

7/3/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Southpaw, King Prawn

8/4/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Monty 9, Dry, Eugene Speed

12/4/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich


14/4/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Penthouse Dogs

19/4/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Intravenous, Polak

21/4/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Darkstar, Ultrasound

24/4/99 Leisure Centre, Harleston

Crone, Freak Magnet

26/4/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

4 Gaz M

5/5/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich


6/5/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Entwined, Kill II this

10/5/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Hyperstation, Baptiste

12/5/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich


14/5/99 ULU, London

Darkstar, Snowpony

17/5/99 Norwich Arts Centre


18/5/99 Waterfront, Norwich

Merz, Lamb

19/5/99 Waterfront, Norwich


20/5/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich


23/5/99 Rock City, Nottingham

Muse, Straw, Feeder

24/5/99 Norwich Arts Centre, Liberty37, A

25/5/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich


31/5/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Nexus, Fungus

1/6/99 Colchester Arts Centre, Liberty37, A

3/6/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Pig Fish

7/6/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich


11/6/99 Wrestlers Arms, Gt Yarmouth

Retaliator, Subvert

14/6/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Casino, Terry Edwards & the Scapegoats

21/6/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Seafood, Llama Farmers

21/6/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

The Junket

22/6/99 Axe & Cleaver, Boston

, Twist

25/6/99 Glastonbury Festival

Moke, Heather Nova, Blondie, Tin Star, Darkstar, Hole, Lamb

26/6/99 Glastonbury Festival

Eliza Carthy, Beth Orton, The Creatures, The Cardigans, Breakbeat Era, Fabio & Grooverider

27/6/99 Glastonbury Festival

Snowpony, Whistler, Merz, Chicks, The Corrs, Feeder, Suzanne Vega, Sneaker Pimps, Skunk Anansie

28/6/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Porn Kings

28/6/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Boghed, Profane, Pachinos

5/7/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Chris TT

8/7/99 The Astoria, London

Raging Speedhorn, Ministry

10/7/99 Bethel St, Norwich


12/7/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Schemer, Alcopop

14/7/99 The Twist, Colchester

Little Joe Zero, Twist

19/7/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

PMT, Cherry Reds

26/7/99 Norwich Arts Centre


26/7/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Ovahead, Kaito

30/7/99 Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London

, Twist

31/7/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Lene Lovich, Neutrinos

2/8/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Ricky Spontane

3/8/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Roc, Sneaker Pimps

15/8/99 (Wilde in) Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich

Fuse, Yellow Alert, Weave 67, Kaito

16/8/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Lovejunk, Semtex

23/8/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Kaito, Secret Hairdresser

27/8/99 Reading Festival

Apollo 440, Dandy Warhols, Bis, Puressence, Chemical Brothers, My Ruin, Elastica

28/8/99 Reading Festival

Breakbeat Era, Roni Size, 3 Colours Red

29/8/99 Reading Festival

Backyard Babies, Rico, Buckcherry, Sick Of It All, Pitchshifter, Feeder, Dark Star, Dog Eat Dog, Offspring, Ice T, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

1/9/99 Norwich Arts Centre


5/9/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

My Ruin

6/9/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich


13/9/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Monty 9

13/9/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Llama Farmers

20/9/99 Y Club, Chelmsford

Twist, Llama Farmers

21/9/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

XYY, Monkey Boy

22/9/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Seafood, Idlewild

24/9/99 The Forum, London, The Yo-Yo's

27/9/99 Norwich Arts Centre


30/9/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Fungus, Dog Eat Dog, A

1/10/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Skunk Anansie

2/10/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Skunk Anansie

4/10/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Twist, Polak

7/10/99 LA2, London

Dog Eat Dog, A

8/10/99 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Powder Monkey

9/10/99 UEA, Norwich

E-Z Rollers, Fabio, Shere Khan, Peshay

11/10/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich


12/10/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Sub Circus, Cay, Feeder

13/10/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Rico, Therapy

13/10/99 UEA, Norwich


14/10/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Scammers, Neutrinos

15/10/99 Maddermarket, Norwich


16/10/99 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Prem, Spot

18/10/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Southpaw,, Groop Dogdrill

20/10/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Dum Dums, Younger Younger 28's, My Life Story

22/10/99 The Leisure Centre, Harleston

Red Mecca

25/10/99 The Junction, Cambridge

Sub Circus, Cay, Feeder

27/10/99 The Waterfront, Norwich

Breakbeat Era

30/10/99 Rock City, Nottingham, Groop Dogdrill

1/11/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Weave 67, Flex

2/11/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Liberty 37, The Crocketts

3/11/99 The Waterfront, Norwich


8/11/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Ex-Cathedra, King Prawn

10/11/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

PMT, Crazyhead

13/11/99 UEA, Norwich

Mediaeval Baebes, Jools Holland

15/11/99 The Falcon, Camden

Crashland, Goldman, Cecil

18/11/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Roswell, Eugene Speed

19/11/99 Fat Paulys, Norwich


22/11/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Jims Super Stereo World

26/11/99 UEA, Norwich

Golden Years night - , ,

28/11/99 UEA, Norwich

The king, Fun Lovin' Criminals

29/11/99 Brixton Academy, London

Atari Teenage Riot, Nine Inch Nails

6/12/99 Mojo's, Norwich

Seafood, JJ72's

8/12/99 UEA, Norwich

A, Reef

13/12/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Baker, Samurai 7

17/12/99 UEA, Norwich

EZ Rollers

18/12/99 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Fiel Garvie, Kaito, Magoo

20/12/99 Norwich Arts Centre

Merkin, Postalowa, Crashboy Jones, Yellow Alert

21/12/99 Fat paulys, Norwich


23/12/99 Fat paulys, Norwich

Duncans Glasses

27/12/99 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Postalowa, Schemer

28/12/99 Camden palace, London


31/12/99 Millenium Stadium, Cardiff

Partick Jones, Shack, Feeder, Super Furry Animals, Manic Street Preachers

[ 1999 = 146, Total = 1319]




17/1/00 Norwich Art Centre

Cherry Reds, PMT

20/1/00 The Falcon, Camden, London

Twist, My Vitriol, JJ72

24/1/00 Norwich Art Centre

Southport, South Paw

28/1/00 Wembley Arena

Rage Against the Machine

29/1/00 UEA, Norwich

(NME tour) - Coldplay, Shack, Campag Velocet, Les Rhythm Digitales

31/1/00 Mojo's, Norwich

The Great Outdoors, Crashland, Bellatrix

7/2/00 Norwich Art Centre

Stumble, Kensuke Kimanche

7/2/00 Mojo's, Norwich


8/2/00 UEA, Norwich

Hard Knox, Moby

11/2/00 UEA, Norwich

XLR8 DnB club - DJ Peshay ,

14/2/00 Norwich Art Centre

Fiel Garvie, Soulwax, Muse

18/2/00 Finnegans Wake, Norwich

Mannelove, Monty 9

21/2/00 Mojo's, Norwich

Yellow Alert, JJ72

24/2/00 Portland Arms, Cambridge


25/2/00 Academy, Manchester

Hard Knox, Moby

5/3/00 The Junction, Cambridge

Smith & Mighty, Breakbeat Era

6/3/00 Norwich Art Centre

Whispering Bob, Just

9/3/00 The Park, Peterborough


11/3/00 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Subvert, Charger, Raging Speedhorn, Tribute To Nothing

13/3/00 Mojo's, Norwich

Motel, Spot, Twist

16/3/00 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Spot, The Jellys

17/3/00 Norwich Art Centre

Redford, Samuel Smiles, Lazlo

20/3/00 Norwich Art Centre

Echoboy, Doves

21/3/00 UEA, Norwich


25/3/00 The Forum, London

Co.Uk, Rollins Band

31/3/00 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Demise I, Queen Adreena

1/4/00 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Goober Patrol

3/4/00 Norwich Art Centre

Motel, Coldplay, Terris

7/4/00 Astoria, London

Groop Dogdrill, Pitchshifter

8/4/00 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

King Prawn

15/4/00 Harleston Leisure Centre

Crone, Red Mecca

17/4/00 Waterfront, Norwich

Echoboy, Elastica

29/4/00 Leadmill, Sheffield

Sun Longer, Sona Fariq, Groop Dogdrill

2/5/00 Waterfront, Norwich

Mediaeval Baebes

6/5/00 Norwich Art Centre

Roswell, , The Great Outdoors

7/5/00 Waterfront, Norwich

Orangecan, Darkstar

8/5/00 Mojo's, Norwich

Leonard, Stringray

12/5/00 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Boghead, Subvert

14/5/00 Waterfront, Norwich

Angelou, Wreaking Co, Redford

15/5/00 Norwich Art Centre

Big Leaves, Clearlake

15/5/00 Mojo's, Norwich

XYY, The Junket

18/5/00 Norwich Art Centre

Eliza Carthy

20/5/00 UEA, Norwich

Crackout, Darkstar, Blue Tones

20/5/00 Finnegans Wake, Norwich

Fiel Garvie

22/5/00 Mojo's, Norwich

Kensuke Kimanche

25/5/00 Waterfront, Norwich

Neutrinos, Luke Vibert, BJ Cole

29/5/00 king St Fest, Norwich


29/5/00 Mojo's, Norwich

, Baker, Ultra Violet

30/5/00 Waterfront, Norwich

Sahara Hotnights, Crashland, A

4/6/00 The Empire, Shepherds Bush, London

Gabriels Wings, TV Smith, The Chameleons

5/6/00 Mojo's, Norwich

Kaito, Seafood

9/6/00 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Miocene, Hundred Reasons

11/6/00 Waterfront, Norwich

JJ72, Dandy Warhols

13/6/00 Waterfront, Norwich

MTM, Sona Fariq, One Minute Silence

1/7/00 Docklands Arena, London

(Lost weekend festival) Little Hell ,Sona Fariq, Hundred Reasons, A Perfect Circle, Earthtone 9, Queen Adreena,Kill II this, Groop DogDrill , Ash

2/7/00 Docklands Arena, London

(Lost weekend festival) Therapy, The Crocketts, Rollins Band, Nashville Pussy, Machine Head, One Minute Silence, Skunk Anansie.

7/7/00 Chapelfield gardens, Norwich

Fungus, Sub Aqwa

9/7/00 Chapelfield gardens, Norwich

EZ Rollers, Def Tex

26/7/00 The Garage, London

Tim Smith, Miranda Sex Garden

27/7/00 The Bull & Gate, London

Subvert, Labrat

29/7/00 Leisure Centre, Harleston


4/8/00 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Labrat, Demise I

11/8/00 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Crawlblind, OCD

13/8/00 Chantry Park, Ipswich

(Radio 1 big sunday) Muse, All Saints, Emma Bunton, Mansun, Glamma Kid, Planet Perfecto, 5ive

19/8/00 V2000, Staffordshire

Bjorn again, Bare naked Ladies, Paul Weller, James, Richard Ashcroft, Coldplay, Dandy Warhols, Feeder,

Joe Strummer, Beth Orton, Moby

20/8/00 V2000, Staffordshire

Bootleg Beatles, Semisonic, Morcheeba, All Saints, Macy Gray, Travis, Manchild, Moloko, DumDums,

St Etienne, Mansun, Supergrass

22/8/00 The Scala, London

Catherine Wheel

26/8/00 Temple Newsam, Leeds Festival

Cay, A, Daphne & Celeste, Blink 182, Rage Against The Machine, Slipknot, Placebo, Stereophonics,

Lauren Laverne, Linoleum, Ian Brown

27/8/00 Temple Newsam, Leeds Festival, At The Drive In, Katastrophy Wife, Queen Adreena, JJ72, ..Trail of the Dead, Dark Star,

Queens Of The Stone Age, Deftones, Super Furry Animals, Gomez, Pulp

28/8/00 Temple Newsam, Leeds Festival

Amen, Brassy, Muse, Limp Bizkit, Bluetones, Foo Fighters, Primal Scream

29/8/00 The Garage, London

Twist, Katastrophy Wife

1/9/00 St Georges Theatre, Tufnell Park, London

Mediaeval Baebes

3/9/00 The waterfront, Norwich

By Jovi

8/9/00 Fat Paulys, Norwich

TripSwich, 7 Air

16/9/00 LA2, London

Supersuckers, Zen Gorilla

18/9/00 Norwich arts Centre

Llama Farmers, The Crocketts

29/9/00 The Garage, London

The Yo Yo's, Groop DogDrill

1/10/00 The Waterfront, Norwich

Sona Fariq, Workhorse Movement, Pitchshifter

4/10/00 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Asher, Pecadiloes

6/10/00 The Pyramid, Portsmouth

Sona Fariq, Workhorse Movement, Pitchshifter

7/10/00 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth


8/10/00 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth


19/10/00 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Almighty

20/10/00 Fat Paulys, Norwich


25/10/00 The Waterfront, Norwich

Badly Drawn Boy

26/10/00 The Waterfront, Norwich

Less Than Jake

27/10/00 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Subvert, OCD

30/10/00 UEA, Norwich

King Adora, My Vitriol, Mansun

11/11/00 The Leadmill, Sheffield

Groop Dogdrill, Therapy

14/11/00 UEA, Norwich

Craig Charles

16/11/00 The Waterfront, Norwich

Hefner, Whistler

17/11/00 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Profane, Tripswitch

24/11/00 Fat Paulys, Norwich

Cheesecake Truck

3/12/00 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Mission

5/12/00 The Regent, Ipswich

Mustaq, The Levellers

7/12/00 The Garage, London

SugaComa, My Ruin

9/12/00 The Astoria, London

Sona Fariq, Step Kings, Pitchshifter

10/12/00 The Waterfront, Norwich, Terrorvision

11/12/00 Brixton Academy, London

...Trail Of The Dead, Foo Fighters

16/12/00 LA2, London

One Minute Silence, Mudvayne

[2000 = 101 Total = 1420]






12/1/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich


19/1/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

The Toasters, King Prawn

26/1/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Pissing Razors

31/1/01 UEA, Norwich

Amen, JJ72, Alfie, Starsailor

7/2/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

Ginga Fuzz, Hooch

8/2/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Fiel Garvie, Magoo

9/2/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

The Bardo, Throat, Zerotonin

10/2/01 Rock City, Nottingham

Lost Prophets, Earthtone 9, Pitchshifter

13/2/01 LA2 , London

28 Days, Babes In Toyland

15/2/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich


16/2/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Spot, Subvert

26/2/01 Norwich Art Centre

Swirl, Llama Farmers

2/3/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich


3/3/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Camp Freddie

4/3/01 UEA, Norwich

Mark B & Blade, Feeder

5/3/01 Norwich Art Centre

Crackout, Miocene

8/3/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

Charlie Horse, Ripleybogle, Swirl

9/3/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

DJ Kenny Ken, DJ Rap

16/3/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Torna-K, Sanctum

22/3/01 Norwich Art School

Twinkie, Fix It Kid, Roswell

29/3/01 The Empire, Shepherds Bush, London

The Chameleons

30/3/01 Esquires, Bedford

Big Dog

31/3/01 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Hermans Hermits, The New Union Gap Band, Alvin Stardust

1/4/01 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

The Real Thing, The Tremeloes

5/4/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

Bearsuit, Chris TT

6/4/01 The Assembly House, Norwich

Lisa Redford (Nick Drake tribute night)

6/4/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich


8/4/01 UEA, Norwich

Frenzel Rhomb, Capdown, Less Than Jake

9/4/01 UEA, Norwich

Cooper Temple Clause, Muse

14/4/01 The Empire, Shepherds Bush, London


20/4/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Project Mork, Southport, Diesel Boy

4/5/01 Norwich Art Centre

Hell Is For Heroes, Biffy Clyro, Sunna

4/5/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich


11/5/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

FUEL club (D n B DJ's)

17/5/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Angel Spit, Honey Slunk, Little Japanese Toy

18/5/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Spot, Southpaw

26/5/01 Docklands Arena, London

S Club 7

28/5/01 Docklands Arena, London

Avail, Bouncing Souls, Boysetsfire, A, Sick Of It All, Snuff, Lag Wagon, PennyWise,

29/5/01 Norwich Art Centre

Subvert, Hundred Reasons

31/5/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Antenna, Vermont, Six Ray Sun, Miss Black America

1/6/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Dailo, Dog Fashion Disco

5/6/01 UEA, Norwich

Queens Of The Stone Age

8/6/01 Finnegans Wake, Norwich

D-, Defenestration

9/6/01 The Empire, Shepherds Bush, London


11/6/01 Finegans Bar, Norwich

Camp Freddie

14/6/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Charlie Horse, Bens Little Rebellion, Fix It Kid, Monkey Steals The Drum

15/6/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Delete as.. , Monkey Boy

16/6/01 The White Horse, Trowse, Norwich

Gold Rush, Magoo, Kaito

18/6/01 Norwich Art Centre

Redford, Matthew Jay

22/6/01 Finegans Bar, Norwich


25/6/01 Norwich Art Centre

Landmine Spring, Pist*on

29/6/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Sack Trick

30/6/01 The Common, Wymondham

The Antenna

6/7/01 Fat Pauly's, Norwich

Porcelaine Roach, Miocene

23/7/01 Norwich Art Centre

Fix It Kid, Kaito, Seafood

4/8/01 Earlham Park, Norwich

, Subvert,

10/8/01 Bulldog Bash, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Die So Fluid, Cooley High (with Huey FLC), Feeder, Wildhearts

11/8/01 Bulldog Bash, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Anti-Product, Terrorvision, Reef

18/8/01 V2001 Weston Park, Staffordshire

, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

19/8/01 V2001 Weston Park, Staffordshire

Big Dog, Nelly Furtado, Wheatus, Shed 7, JJ72

24/8/01 Carling Weekend, Temple Newsam, Leeds


25/8/01 Carling Weekend, Temple Newsam, Leeds

The Donnas, Mouldy Peaches, The Pattern, Ash (acoustic), Iggy Pop, Amen, PJ Harvey, Gary Numan, Green Day

26/8/01 Carling Weekend, Temple Newsam, Leeds


28/8/01 Casbah, Sheffield

Number 1 Son, Groop Dogdrill

6/9/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Postalowa, Chris TT

14/9/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

Forever October, Kilkus, Lost Prophets

16/9/01 Docklands Arena, London

Linkin Park

20/9/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Eeeblee, Simon Middleton, Doolittle

29/9/01 Lecture Hall, UEA, Norwich

Jello Biafra (spoken word)

1/10/01 UEA, Norwich

Vex Red, Terrrorvision

4/10/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

The Corrupters, Fiel Garvie, Snowpony

6/10/01 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

The Ivy League, The Dreamers, Edwin Starr & The Team

7/10/01 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

The Searchers

14/10/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Crawlblind, This Girl, Charger, Monkeyboy

14/10/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

Subvert, Thorn 11, Rabies Caste, Tribute To Nothing, Earthtone 9

15/10/01 Army & Navy, Chelmsford

Karmic Jera, Die So Fluid

16/10/01 The Forum, London

Rollins Band

18/10/01 De Montford University, Leicester

Kinobe, Lamb

21/10/01 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth


24/10/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

Nerve, Defenestration, Therapy

28/10/01 UEA, Norwich

Craig Charles

1/11/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Miss Black America

2/11/01 The Underworld, Camden, London

No Direction, The Darkness

6/11/01The Waterfront, Norwich

The Jellys, Silver Ginger 5

14/11/01 The Astoria, London


15/11/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Sputniks Down, Oil Red O

16/11/01 Assembly Rooms, Derby

Grudge 13, Skeem, Cortizone

18/11/01 Kings Head, Fulham, London

Million Dead, Sikth, Throat, Breed 77

27/11/01 The Regent , Ipswich


30/11/01 Norwich Art Centre

Bearsuit, Fonda 500

30/11/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

Semtex, The Damned

2/12/01 UEA, Norwich

Seafood, Ash

3/12/01 The Waterfront, Norwich

Kill II This, Godflesh, Devin Townsend

4/12/01 The Boatrace , Cambrige

Error Type 11, Hell Is For Heroes, Hundred Reasons

8/12/01 Nelson Mandela Building, Sheffield

Forever Until October, Liberty 37, Sikth, Earthtone 9

13/12/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Interlaken, Big Picture, Mean While Back In Russia, 6 Ray Sun

15/12/01 Rouge, London

Mediaeval Baebes

20/12/01 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Lo Moto, Secret Hairdresser, Aqua Vista, Kaito

[2001=98, Total= 1518]




18/1/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Dragline, Kneehigh, Southpaw, Sphincter

22/1/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Queen Adreena, Rollins band

24/1/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Lingus Lingua, Biffy Clyro

31/1/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Halo, Rachel Stamp

6/2/02 UEA, Norwich

Sound Track of Our Lives, The Coral, Lost Prophets, Andrew WK

8/2/02 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Crone, Palo Alto, Terms Of Endearment, Kinesis

14/2/02 The Boatrace, Cambridge

Defenstration, Die So Fluid

18/2/02 Norwich Arts Centre


22/2/02 The Leadmill, Sheffield

Rival Schools, A

28/2/02 Mean Fiddler, London

Die So Fluid, Drowning Pool

1/3/02 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Engerica, Luma Lane, Benns Little Rebellion, Melys

15/3/02 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Jetplane Landing, Miss Black America

19/3/02 The Academy, Brixton

Dillingers Escape Plan, System Of A Down

22/3/02 Boogie Nights, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

The Jackie Graham Band, Heatwave

9/4/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Sahara Hotnights, Halo, Cooper Temple Clause

12/4/02 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Nevergreen, Phnom Pehn, Kicker, Saloon

15/04/02 The Astoria, London

Skindred, Soil, Adema

19/4/02 Shake Rattle N Roll, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth


22/4/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Ikara Cult, Idlewild

26/4/02 Classic Gold Weekender, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

The Blue Jays, Swinging Blue Jeans

27/4/02 Classic Gold Weekender, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, The Easybeats, Hot Chocolate

28/4/02 Classic Gold Weekender, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Fabba, The Fortunes

29/4/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Semtex, Glen Matlock

4/5/02 Brockwell Park, New Cross


13/5/02 The Waterfront, Norwich


17/5/02 Brickmakers, Norwich

The Antenna

21/5/02 UEA, Norwich

Fenix TX, A

23/5/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Southsea prospectus co, Cord, Six Ray Son, Little Japanese Toy

26/5/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Spy 51, All About Eve

8/6/02 UEA, Norwich

Stonasauraus, Kaito

11/6/02 The Charlotte, Leicester

Ill Nino

20/6/02 Norwich Arts Centre

C Thru 27

22/6/02 The Garage, Islington

DC Molina, Cry For Silence, Your Highness, Aconite Thrill, Reuben, Desman

23/6/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Bleed 13, No 1 Son, SugaComa

25/6/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Inme, Hell Is For Heroes, Soil

26/6/02 UEA, Norwich

Dandy Warhols

27/6/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Semtex, Dead Kennedys

3/7/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Insaniac, So Faking High, Dragline, Spot

14/7/02 Radio One Big Sunday, Victoria Park, Leicester

Kosheen, Idlewild, Ms Dynamite, Natalie Imbruglia, Liberty X

15/7/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Kenesis, Hell Is For Heroes, Biffy Clyro

16/7/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Wilt, My Vitriol

20/7/02 Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Rival Schools, Hundred Reasons, A, Iggy Pop, Green Day

28/7/02 Waterloo Park, Norwich

Insaniac, Mary, Palo Alto, The Antenna, Oil Red O, Evader, Fiel Garvie, Motel

28/7/02 Finnegans Wake, Norwich


9/8/02 Bulldog Bash, Stratford On Avon

Stoopi, 3 Colours Red, The Pretenders

10/8/02 Bulldog Bash, Stratford On Avon


24/8/02 Creamfields Festival, Liverpool

Misteeq, Kosheen, Underworld, Faithless

6/9/02 Norwich Arts Centre

7 Inches, Chemistry experiment, Bearsuit

14/9/02 Radio One Big Sunday, Victoria Park, Leicester

Puddle of Mudd, Appleton, Supergrass, Holly Valance, Romeo, Alicia Keys

25/9/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Girls On Top, Rachel Stamp

30/9/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Hell Is For Heroes

2/10/02 The Junction, Cambridge

Kennedy Soundtrack, Taproot, Pitchshifter

3/10/02 Kafe Da, Norwich

Max Tundra

4/10/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Sennen, Little Japanese Toy, Eeblee

6/10/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Raging Speedhorn, Ill Nino

10/10/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

This Girl, Kennedy Soundtrack, Pitchshifter

14/10/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Farse, Jesse James, Bowling For Soup

15/10/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Sugacoma, Skin Lab, Soil

18/10/02 Ponanas, Norwich


18/10/02 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Mary, Torqamada, Martini Henry Rifles, Terrashima

19/10/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Bopp, Mooncoin

21/10/02 UEA, Norwich


28/10/02 UEA, Norwich

Copper Pot Journals, Kenesis, Inme, Hundred Reasons

30/10/02 Norwich Arts Centre

Ricky Grover

9/11/02 Classic Gold Weekender, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

New Union Gap Band, The Fourmost, Suzi Quatro

10/11/02 Classic Gold Weekender, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Maizie Williams Boney M, The Rubettes

12/11/02 Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Richard Ashcroft

15/11/02 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Elsub, Swearing At Motorists, Chris TT

16/11/02 Shake Rattle N Roll, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

The Big Bounce, The Persuaders, Mike Berry & The Rapiers

17/11/02 Shake Rattle N Roll, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Craig Douglas & Rockin' Horse, Johnny & the Jailbirds, The Crickets, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers.

23/11/02 UEA, Norwich

The Levellers

25/11/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Semtex, The Damned

28/11/02 UEA, Norwich

Goldfinger, A

4/12/02 Corn Exchange, Cambridge

The Levellers

8/12/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

80's Matchbox B Line Disaster, Murderdolls

11/12/02 The Waterfront, Norwich

Repressed, Insaniac, Dragline, Spot

20/12/02 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Parney, Rockastella, The Lollies, Bens Little Rebellion

22/12/02 The Forum, Kentish Town

New Model Army

[2002=79, Total= 1597]




06/1/03 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Rockastella, 24 Miles High, When Pets go bad

18/1/03 Mean Fiddler, London

Subvert, Johnny Truant

19/1/03 Mean Fiddler, London

The Darkness (video shoot gig)

23/1/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Jesse Malin

27/1/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Camino Black, Dragline, Queen Adreena

7/2/03 Metro, Norwich

Palo Alto, The Idol

10/2/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Nylon Pylon, The Ravenettes

11/2/03 UEA, Norwich


14/2/03 Norwich Arts Centre


21/2/03 UEA, Norwich

Cap Down, Simple Plan, Bowling For Soup

24/2/03 Norwich Arts Centre


28/2/03 Astoria, London

Bowling For Soup

3/3/03 Norwich Arts Centre


7/3/03 The Apollo, Manchester

Linkin Park

9/3/03 , Manchester

Flotation Toy Warning

10/3/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Black Box Recorder

13/3/03 The Junction, Cambridge


14/3/03 Norwich Arts Centre

, Magoo

17/3/03 Norwich Arts Centre

X is Loaded, Biffy Clyro

21/3/03 Shake, Rattle N Roll, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

BR549, Forever In Blue Jeans, John Dean Foster Band

23/3/03 Shake, Rattle N Roll, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Charlie Boston Band, Easy Rider, The Everlys Experience

28/3/03 Shake, Rattle N Roll, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Ray Thompson, The Sky Rockers, Big Bopper Jnr & Ray Thompson

29/3/03 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

The Room Mates, Hot Rockin', Danny & the Juniors

1/4/03 UEA, Norwich

Public Enemy

2/4/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Ten Benson, The Darkness

5/4/03 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Reelinandarockin show, Vanity Fair

6/4/03 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Gwen Dickey 's Rose Royce, The American Drifters

9/4/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

One Minute Silence

14/4/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Farse, Schism

15/4/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Venus Hum

20/4/03 30 Newmarket Road, Norwich

Parney, Bearsuit

26/4/03 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

Sweet Sensation, Shake Your Groove Thang, Earth Wind For Hire, George McCrae

27/4/03 Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth

The Guys, Heatwave

28/4/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Bearsuit, Cinerama

29/4/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Lisa Redford

30/4/03 UEA, Norwich

The Wildhearts, Amen

6/5/03 UEA, Norwich

Liko, Mel C

8/5/03 The Ferryboat, Norwich


31/5/03 Download Festival, Donnington Park

Murder One, Shadows Fall, Arch Enemy, Stampin' Ground, Him, Queen Adreena, Funeral For A Friend, Amen, Murderdolls, 3 Colours Red, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, Iron Maiden, A

1/6/03 Download Festival, Donnington Park

The Darkness, Spineshank, Metallica, Evanesence, Stone Sour, Disturbed, Apocalyptica, Flint, Zwan, Audioslave

3/6/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Hyper Kinako, Free Fall, Bearsuit, Magoo

4/6/03 Brixton Academy

Marilyn Manson

6/6/03 Norwich Arts Centre

, Kinesis

7/6/03 Strawberry Fayre, Cambridge


15/6/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Cerys Matthews

17/6/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Parney, These Bleeds, Teen Spirit

21/6/03 The Millenium Dome, London (Game On Fest)

Electric Eel Shock, Buck 65, Halo Friendlies, Biffy Clyro, Mad Capsule Markets, Elviss, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Vandals, Cypress Hill

22/6/03 The Millenium Dome, London (Game On Fest)

Division of Laura Lee, The Warlocks, The Hope Conspiracy, Electric Six, Sugarcult, Reef, Sahara Hotnights, Kelly Osbourne

24/6/03 Ferryboat, Norwich

Parney, Benns Little Rebellion, Evader

27/6/03 Glastonbury Festival

The Darkness, Echo & the Bunnymen, Mew, Cooper Temple Clause, Black Box Recoreder, Beth Orton, Ross Noble, Julian Cope, Morcheeba, REM

28/6/03 Glastonbury Festival

Moloko,Bill Bailey, Lamb, The Damned

29/6/03 Glastonbury Festival

The Waterboys, Sugababes, Venus Hum, Beth Gibbons, Feeder, Flint, Moby

4/7/03 Norwich Arts Centre (wombat)

Puerto Muerto,

15/7/03 Ferryboat, Norwich

Open Letters

20/7/03 Victoria Park, Leicester (Radio One in the Park)

Daniel Bedingfield, Big Brovaz, Electric 6, Misteeq, Athlete, Busted, Kelly Rowland.

25/7/03 Newmarket Racecourse

Liberty X

27/7/03 Waterloo Park, Norwich (wombatwombat in the park)


28/7/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Funeral For a Friend

1/8/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Not Katies,

2/8/03 Earlham Park, Norwich


8/8/03 Bulldog Bash, Stratford Upon Avon

Fallen To, Deborah Bonham, Broadzilla, Anti-Nowhere league, Biohazard, The Wildhearts

9/8/03 Bulldog Bash, Stratford Upon Avon

Leatherface, Never The Bride, Quireboys, Candyheads, Raging Speedhorn, Fun Lovin' Criminals

15/8/03 Newmarket Racecourse

Darius, Atomic Kitten

20/8/03 The Thames, London (boat trip)

Turbo Negro

28/8/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

OK Go, Webb Brothers

15/9/03 Ferryboat, Norwich

Open Letters

22/9/03 Norwich Arts Centre

, Fiel Garvie

1/10/03 UEA, Norwich

Bel XI, Starsailor

7/10/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Serafin, Frank Black

11/10/03 Astoria, London

Queen Adreena, Killing Joke

13/10/03 UEA, Norwich

Webb Brothers, 3 Inches of Blood, The Darkness

15/10/03 The Metro, Peterborough

Crack Out, Biffy Clyro

20/10/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Damien Rice

24/10/03 The Waterfront, Norwich


24/10/03 Norwich Arts Centre (wombat)

Jet Johnson, Magoo, Beach Buggy

30/10/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Hot Hot Heat

31/10/03 Ferryboat, Norwich

Open Letters, Million Dead

3/11/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

David Vinner, The Hiss, Jet

11/11/03 UEA, Norwich

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

15/11/03 Rock City, Nottingham

The Bronx, Distillers

17/11/03 UEA, Norwich

Raveonettes, Cooper Temple Clause

21/11/03 Norwich Arts Centre (wombat)

When Ghosts , Fix It Kid, Terrashima

24/11/03 The Waterfront, Norwich


25/11/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Culver House, Lisa Redford

26/11/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Swirl, Complete Stone Roses

30/11/03 UEA, Norwich

Kid Symphony, Electric 6

1/12/03 Marina Centre, Great Yarmouth

The Darkness

5/12/03 Norwich Arts Centre

Neutrinos, The Asleep

6/12/03 The Underworld, Camden,. London

No Comply

6/12/03 Fortress Studios, London

Queen Adreena

7/12/03 UEA, Norwich

She Said, The Levellers

8/12/03 Cambridge Corn Exchange

Fish Bros, She Said, The Levellers

14/12/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Semtex, The Damned

16/12/03 The Waterfront, Norwich

Shed 7

[2003=94, Total= 1691]






10/1/04, ICA , London.

Fletcher, This Girl.

12/1/04 The Brickmakers, Norwich

Red Leaf.

16/1/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Rude Mechanicals, C Thru 27, Little Japanese Toy.

19/1/04 Norwich Arts Centre

The Antenna, Chikinki, Kasabian.

21/1/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Rosco, Happy Life, Jacrew.

24/1/04 Village Hall, Needham Market.

Cunk, Crone, Rek.

31/1/04 The Catherine Wheel, Norwich.


2/2/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Sea Change, Oceansize.

4/2/04, UEA, Norwich

Franz Ferdinand, Funeral For A Friend.

9/2/04 Norwich Arts Centre

7 Day Story, Seven Times Nothing, Lapsed Pacifist.

13/2/04 Norwich Arts Centre


14/2/04 The Ferryboat, Norwich

The Antenna.

21/2/04 The Catherine Wheel, Norwich.


23/2/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Stuffy & The Fuses.

24/2/04 Academy 2, Birmingham.


12/3/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Eeeblee, Luma Lane.

13/3/04 UEA, Norwich

Katie Melua.

16/3/04 UEA, Norwich


17/3/04 UEA, Norwich

Senses Fail, Biffy Clyro, Hundred Reasons.

30/3/04 The Brickmakers, Norwich

Forever Falling, Psychosism, Mindbleed.

31/3/04 Waterfront, Norwich.


3/4/04 Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn.

The Levellers.

14/4/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Minus, Ikara Cult, Amen.

15/4/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Cara Dillon.

16/4/04 The Ferryboat, Norwich


17/4/04 The Ferryboat, Norwich

, Open Letters,

21/4/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Rockastella, King Adora.

22/4/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Stonasaurus, John The White Rapper, Goldie Lookin' Chain.

23/4/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Bens Little Rebellion, Kaito.

26/4/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Duke Spirit, British Sea Power.

27/4/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Sons & Daughters, Fiery Furnaces, Franz Ferdinand.

5/4/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Crackout, Haven.

7/5/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Overeal, Unplugged, Taxi, Fiel Garvie.

11/5/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

The Delays.

12/5/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Therapy, The Wildhearts.

17/5/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Suffrajets, My Ruin.

18/5/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Forever Falling, Dragline, Bait, Insaniac.

21/5/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Jetplane Landing.

24/5/04 The Astoria, London.

My Ruin, Slipknot.

25/5/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Turnstone, Lark, Overeal, Kipdenooi.

2/6/04 Brixton, Academy.

The Pixies.

9/6/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Sinister Clothcat, Then Kame Silence, Malignant, Psychosism.

17/6/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Postalowa, Stuffy & the Fuses, Magoo, Kaito.

23/6/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Parney, Ten-Ex, Teen Spirit.

24/6/04 The Ferryboat, Norwich.

Forever Falling.

27/6/04 The Apollo, Hammersmith.

Alice Cooper.

27/6/04 The Barfly, Camden.

Die So Fluid.

29/6/04 The Marquee, Norwich.

Dragline, Obsessive Compulsive.

1/7/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Million Dead.

2/7/04 Norwich Arts Centre


4/7/04 Edward The Seventh, Norwich.

Brutal Abortion, IHU.

10/7/04 Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich.

Rockastella, C Thru 27,

11/7/04 Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich.

Baka Beyond, RDG

23/7/04 The Ferryboat, Norwich.

Balance Of Silence, Bait, IHU, Dragline.

24/7/04 The Ferryboat, Norwich.

7 Day Story, Ostracoda.

25/7/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Semtex, The Kaotixx, Discharge.

30/7/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Rek, Breed 77.

1/8/04 Waterloo Park, Norwich.


3/8/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Faces Of Sarah, NFD, The Mission.

4/8/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

, Crone.

6/8/04 The Ferryboat, Norwich.

Sinister Clothcat, Then Kame Silence.

8/8/04 The Ferryboat, Norwich.

Forever Falling, Insaniac.

13/8/04 Newmarket Racecourse.

Darius, Girls Aloud.

15/8/04 The Cock, Diss.


21/8/04 Beautiful Days Festival, Exeter.

Drugdealercheerleader, Solabeat Alliance, 3 Daft Monkleys, Tamra, Reviver, Neck, She Said, The Bays, John Power, Go Lem System, Lucky Jim, Seize The Day, Neville Staple, Rory McLeod, Alabama 3, System 7, The Levellers.

22/8/04 Beautiful Days Festival, Exeter.

Ox, Waxed Apple, Happy Life, Rose Kemp, Duke Special, Oi-Va-Voi, King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys, Drunk In Public, Misty In Roots, New Model Army, The Stranglers.

24/8/04 The Walkabout, Newquay

Amplifier, A.

27/8/04 Leeds Festival.


28/8/04 Leeds Festival.


29/8/04 Leeds Festival.

1/9/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Sofa King High, Compact Pussycat, Lizzie Speaks, 7 Day Story.

2/9/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Cutback, Rockastella, Sennen, The Pistolas.

6/9/04 Norwich Arts Centre

The Dears, Cranes.

10/9/04 Norwich Arts Centre


15/9/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

The Lovegods, Carbon/Silicone.

20/9/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Brigade, This Girl, Biffy Clyro.

22/9/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Susperia, Mortiis.

23/9/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Trashlight Vision.

26/9/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Tonic, Babyshambles.

29/9/04 Cargo, London.

Mallory Knox, Die So Fluid.

30/9/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Kaiser Chiefs , Ordinary Boys.

3/10/04 The Marquee, Norwich.

Sinister Clothcat, Amaranth.

4/10/04 The Underworld, Camden.


6/10/04 UEA, Norwich.

Skinnyman, Goldie Lookin' Chain.

7/10/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Knife Hand Chop.

10/10/04 UEA, Norwich.

Darma Drive, The Wonderstuff.

11/10/04 UEA, Norwich.

Feable Weiner, Bowling For Soup.

12/10/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Sikth, Pitchshifter.

13/10/04 UEA, Norwich.

The Futureheads, The Zutons.

14/10/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Rek, The Asleep, 10,000 Things.

15/10/04 Norwich Arts Centre


18/10/04 Norwich Arts Centre

, The *Ga*Ga*s

19/10/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

,The Bees.

21/10/04 UEA, Norwich.

Fatboy Slim.

22/10/04 UEA, Norwich.

The Kings of Leon.

25/10/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

, 22-20's.

27/10/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

, Hope of the States.

31/10/04 The ferryboat, Norwich.

, Amaranth,

1/11/04 Norwich Arts Centre

The Telescopes.

3/11/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

, Ed Harcourt.

5/11/04 Norwich Arts Centre

, Portfolio, Seafood.

7/11/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Solabeat Alliance, Phinius Gage, Whitmore, Spunge.

8/11/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Areogramme, Hell is for Heroes.

10/11/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Songs from the Blue house, The Czars.

15/11/04 Norwich Arts Centre

The Tigerlillies.

17/11/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Compact Pussycat, Restless Spirits, The Damned

22/11/04 UEA, Norwich.

Class Of Zero, Sepultura, Motorhead.

23/11/04 UEA, Norwich.

The Ga*Ga*s, Whitesnake.

24/11/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

Tokyo Dragons, Winnebago Deal, Therapy.

27/11/04 The Marquee, Norwich.

Razorblade Kisses, Killing Miranda.

28/11/04 UEA, Norwich.

Mike Peters, Status Quo.

1/12/04 The Astoria, London.

Tokyo Dragons, Winnebago Deal, Therapy.

4/12/04 Brixton Academy

The Prodigy.

5/12/04 The Scala, London.

Dagoba, Supreme Lord, Samael.

6/12/04 Norwich Arts Centre

Mercury League, Once Over Twice, No Comply.

7/12/04 UEA, Norwich.

Spektrum, Groove Armada.

9/12/04 Concorde 2, Brighton.

As I Lay Dying, Throw Down, Lamb Of God.

10/12/04 Mean Fiddler, London.

Throw Down, Lamb Of God.

11/12/04 Colchester Arts Centre.

Throw Down, Lamb Of God.

13/12/04 Portland Arms, Cambridge.

Once Over Twice, No Comply.

15/12/04 UEA, Norwich.

13 Senses, The Charlatans.

16/12/04 NCLA, Newport.

, Goldie lookin' Chain.

17/12/04 Norwich Arts Centre


22/12/04 Waterfront, Norwich.

, Crone, Spunge.

[2004 = 125, Total = 1816 ]


03/01/05 Kain, Praha, Czech Republic

Sepultura revival

24/01/05 The Underworld, Camden

Napalm Death

25/01/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

Ambulance Ltd, The Dears

31/01/05 UEA, Norwich (NME tour)

Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, Futurehaeds, The Killers

01/02/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Klunk, Anna Mudeka

06/02/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

7 Day Story, Twin Zero

07/02/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Charlie Mars, K T Tunstall

08/02/05 Concorde 2, Brighton

Cherubs, The Brakes, The Others

09/02/05 Norwich Arts Centre (bar)


10/02/05 Norwich Arts Centre


12/02/05 The Astoria, London

Tristania, Nightwish

14/02/05 The ICA, London

Charlie Mars, K T Tunstall

15/02/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich


17/02/05 The Waterfront, Norwich


19/02/05 UEA, Norwich

Ghostride, Hell Is For Heroes, Biffy Clyro

21/02/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Ophidian Zero, Dackyehilia

23/02/05 UEA, Norwich

Jest, GLC

28/02/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Martha Tilson, Hem

07/03/05, Norwich Arts Centre

Scanners, The Wedding Present

10/03/05 The Astoria, London

Scanners, El Presidenti, Electric 6

12/03/05 UEA, Norwich

Jimmy Eat World

13/03/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

John Cooper Clarke, The Fall

20/03/05 Mean Fiddler, London

American Headcharge

22/03/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Skin Tight Jaguars, Army Of One, 7 Day Story

25/03/05 The Apollo, Harleston

Rek, Crone

27/03/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

FYD, Ambassador 21, Leechwoman

30/03/05 Norwich Arts Centre


31/03/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

Then Kame Silence

08/04/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

If Fire Should Fall

08/04/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

Coprporation Blend

08/04/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Violet Violet, Hyper Kinako, Mika Bomb

10/04/05 The Academy, Islington

Trash Light Vision

11/04/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Feable Weiner, Do Me Bad Things, Tokyo Dragons

14/04/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

, Spot

16/04/05 The Garage, Highbury


16/04/05 The Forum, Kentish Town

Mendeed, Cradle Of Filth

18/04/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Uninvited, 65 Days Of Static

19/04/05 UEA, Norwich

Sons & Daughters, Idlewild

20/04/05 UEA, Norwich

Fleet, Ocean Colour Scene

21/04/05 Norwich Arts Centre

10,000 Things, Dogs

22/04/05 Jail House, Coventry

Obsessive Compulsive, Die So Fluid

24/04/05 The Garage, Highbury

NFD, Mortiis

25/04/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Sludge Fest, Electric Eel Shock

25/04/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

The Legacy, November Coming Fire, Malkovich, Modern Life Is War

29/04/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Kunk, Ejector, My Visor, Mutts

04/05/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

Red Walls, Nine Black Alps

05/05/05 Ponana, Norwich

Def Tex

13/05/05 Norwich Arts Centre


16/05/05 The Junction, Cambridge

K T Tunstall

18/05/05 The Garage, Highbury

Still Remains, 3 Inches Of Blood, Trivium

26/05/05 Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Husky Rescue, Morcheeba

29/05/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

The Final Sigh, If Fire Would Fall

30/05/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Andrew Magoo, Alto 33, My Visor, C Thru 27

03/06/05 The Astoria, London

Meldred, Black Label Society

10/06/05 Download Festival, Castle Donnington


11/06/05 Download Festival, Castle Donnington


12/06/05 Download Festival, Castle Donnington

Nightwish, Slayer, Slipknot, System Of A Down


System Of A Down

16/06/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

Bloody Embrace, IHU, Psychosism, Then Kame Silence

23/06/05 The Waterfront, Norwich


08/07/05 The Academy, Birmingham

Eagles Of Death Metal, Nine Inch Nails

10/07/05 Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich

, Anna Mudeka

10/07/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

Co-exist, Amen

13/07/05 The Academy, Brixton

Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails

14/07/05 The Academy, Brixton

Nine Inch Nails

19/07/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

Taking Names, Agnostic Front

31/07/05 Waterloo Park, Norwich

Rek, Bearsuit, Florence & the Good Girls, Stars Of Aviation, My Visor, The Shadow Project, Sennen

8/08/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

Love That Kills, The Nothing, Send More Paramedics

22/08/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Forward Russia, The Editors

24/08/05 Norwich Arts Centre

My Visor, The Departure

26/08/05 Leeds Festival


27/08/05 Leeds Festival


26/08/05 Leeds Festival

From Autumn to Ashes, All American Rejects, Biffy Clyro, Emanuel, Million Dead, Dinosaur Jr, Eighteen Visions, Rise Against, Razorlight, Anti Flag, Hatebreed, Foo Fighters, Bad Religion

02/09/05 Norwich Arts Centre

Army Of One, Rek

04/09/05 The Astoria, London

Catherdal, Within Temptation

12/09/05 Concorde 2, Brighton


16/09/05 Koko, Camden

ILCK, Mudhoney

18/09/05 The Astoria, London


20/09/05 The Arts Centre, Colchester

All that Remains, Trivium

25/9/05 The Apollo, Hammersmith

Paradise Lost, Nightwish

03/10/05 UEA, Norwich

Capdown, My Awesome Compilation, A

04/10/05 (Classic Rock awards)


11/10/05 Marshall, Milton Keynes

Bernie Marsden

15/10/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Slut Machine, Vile Enginez, Hecate

25/10/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

De Model, Panic DHH, KMFDM

26/10/05 The Scala, Kings Cross

Lacuna Coil (acoustic set), Lacuna Coil (electric set)

03/11/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Korvus, Draconian, Theatres Des Vampires

07/11/05 The Scala, Kings Cross

The Final, Jarboe

11/11/05 UEA, Norwich


14/11/05 The Waterfront, Norwich

Bloodhound gang

15/11/05 The Waterfront, Norwich


26/11/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

If Fire Would Fall

30/11/05 Koko, Camden

Juliette & the Licks, Turbo Negro

05/12/05 The Scala, Kings Cross

Withered, Bloodsimple, High On Fire, Mastodon

06/12/05 The Astoria, London

Devildriver, Lamb Of God

08/12/05 Ten Bells, Norwich

Cristo (acoustic)

09/12/05 The Ferryboat, Norwich

3 Inches Of Blood

11/12/05 The Academy, Islington

Trash Light Vision

14/12/05 UEA, Norwich

The Levellers

15/12/05 Castle Mall, Norwich

Red Leaf

[ 2005 = 101 .Total = 1917]








25/1/06 The Underworld, Camden

Sayyadina, , Rotten Sound

26/1/06 The Astoria, London

Ektomorf, Children Of Bodom

29/1/06 Concorde 2, Brighton

My Ruin

1/2/06 ????, Paris, France


3/2/06 The Academy, Brixton


17/2/06 UEA, Norwich

Killa Kela, Goldie Lookin' Chain

23/2/06 Norwich Arts Centre

64 Stitches, Kneehigh

27/2/06 The Marquee, Norwich

Boss K, November coming Fire, Doomriders

2/3/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

Amsterdam, The Wonderstuff

8/3/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

Mirimar disaster, Chris Clarke, 65 Days Of Static

10/3/06 Norwich Arts Centre


13/3/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

Gear, The Buzzcocks

16/3/06 The Astoria, London

God Forbid, Trivium

21/3/06 Arts Centre, Colchester

Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Will Haven, Crowbar

22/3/06 The Forum, Kentish Town

Sepultura, In Flames

28/3/06 Corn Exchange, Ipswich


31/3/06 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Serpents Sons, Amaranth, Seasons End

18/4/06 The Astoria, London

Breed 77, Fear Factory

22/4/06 The Twist, Colchester

Trash Monroe, Die So Fluid, Obsessive Compulsive

27/4/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

Gothminster, Mortiis

28/4/06 SWR Festival, Barracelas, Portugal


29/4/06 SWR Festival, Barracelas, Portugal


30/4/06 SWR Festival, Barracelas, Portugal


4/5/06 Koko, Camden

Killing Joke

6/5/06 UEA, Norwich

Ivories, Sisters Of Mercy

9/5/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

Killing Joke

19/5/06 The Marquee, Norwich

, Ihu, Psychosism

21/5/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

New Model Army

26/5/06 The Ferryboat, Norwich

Super Noise God

1/6/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

Imperial Vipers, Ginger, Hanoi Rocks

5/6/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

Undercut, Orson

9/6/06 Download Festival, Donnington Park

Amplifier, Kitty Hudson, Gojira, Strapping Young Lad, Soulfly, Clutch, Deftones, Atreyu, Tool

10/6/06 Download Festival, Donnington Park


11/6/06 Download Festival, Donnington Park


19/9/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

Wednesday 13

4/10/06 The Underworld, Camden

Hatesphere, Gojira

13/10/06 The Astoria, London

Poison Black, Lacuna Coil

24/10/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

OPM, Hed (PE)

10/11/06 Rock Cafe, Praha, Czech Republic


17/11/06 Norwich Arts Centre


29/11/06 The Waterfront, Norwich

The Damned

1/12/06 The Brickmakers, Norwich

Fallen Icarus, Nemhain

6/12/06 UEA, Norwich


9/12/06 Arnhem Festival, Holland

, Immolation, Arch Enemy

22/12/06 Earls Court, London

Lauren Harris, Trivium, Iron Maiden

[2006 = 44, Total = 1961 ]






14/1/07 The Waterfront, Norwich

Lennon, Brand New Sin, Godhead, Soil

29/1/06 The Academy, Brixton

Bring Me The Horizon, The Haunted, Killswitch Engage

5/2/07 Norwich Arts Centre

Brigade, Hell 4 heroes

1/3/07 The Waterfront, Norwich

Howling Bells

4/3/07 The Academy, Birmingham

Ladytron, Nine Inch Nails

20/3/07 The Waterfront, Norwich

, McQueen, Wednesday 13

27/3/07 Norwich Arts Centre

Russell Howard

31/3/07 The Mean Fiddler, London

McQueen, Wednesday 13

1/4/07 The Underworld, Camden

Dead Beyond Buried, Evile, Ted Maul, Conquest Of Steel, Interlock


2/4/07 Queen Charlotte, Norwich

The Foster Kids

10/4/07 Koko, Camden

Dew Scented, Root, Behemoth, Napalm Death, Moonspell

11/4/07 Queen Charlotte, Norwich

The Chaps

14/4/07 The Astoria, London

Lauren Harris, Within Temptation

18/4/07 The Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Sanctity, Annihilator, Gojira, Trivium

26/4/07 The Waterfront, Norwich

Metro, Sunshine Underground

11/5/07 The Underworld, Camden

Solace, Orange Goblin

24/5/07 The Astoria, London

Octavia, Fields Of The Nephilim

30/5/07 The Scala, Kings Cross


8/6/07 Download Festival, Donnington Park


9/6/07 Download Festival, Donnington Park


10/6/07 Download Festival, Donnington Park


17/6/07 The Waterfront, Norwich

Napalm Death

22/6/07 Graspop Festival, , Belgium


23/6/07 Graspop Festival, , Belgium


24/6/07 Graspop Festival, , Belgium


29/6/07 With Full Force Festival, , Germany


30/6/07 With Full Force Festival, , Germany


1/7/07 With Full Force Festival, , Germany


29/7/07 Wombat Walkabout 6, Waterloo Park, Norwich

Giant Robot & the City Of Tokyo, The Gore Vidals, The Elephant Dress, The Moo, The Pony Collaboration, The Brownies

2/8/07 Wacken Festival, , Germany


3/8/07 Wacken Festival, , Germany


4/8/07 Wacken Festival, , Germany


16/08/07 Bloodstock Festival, Catton Hall, Derbyshire

Sight Of Emptiness, Kiuas, Head On, Firewind, Testament

17/08/07 Bloodstock Festival, Catton Hall, Derbyshire

Voodoo 6, Scar Symmetry, Wolf, Memfis, Korpiklaani, Epica, Nevermore, Dark Tranquility, Lacuna Coil

18/08/07 Bloodstock Festival, Catton Hall, Derbyshire

Hanging Doll, Benediction, Legion Of The Damned, Finntroll, Nemhain, Dream Evil, Sabbat, Arch Enemy, In Flames

31/8/07 The Marquee, Norwich

Obsessive Complusive

7/9/07 The Academy, Brixton

Evan Dando, Jesus & Mary Chain

11/9/07 The Waterfront, Norwich

This Is Colour, Forever Falling, Send More Paramedics

27/9/07 The Forum, Kentish Town

Engle, Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir
































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