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Music sites

Bearsuit - John Peel session regulars & Norwichs' favourite indie / pop band.

Boogie Nights Weekender - Held annually in Great Yarmouth,here are photos of the bands/DJ's & disco-era loving fans.

The Chameleons - Manchesters finest band from the 1980's,whose 1999 regrouping confirmed that even after 12 years apart they can still perform & write songs with more depth than a submarine.

Classic Gold Weekender - With a combination of chart topping acts of yesteryear interspersed with former Radio 1 DJ's,here-in are images of the bi-annual event.

Cortizone - London trio whose powerful compositions redefine the rock rule book.

The Darkness - Lowestofts best export, whether it's playing massive festivals or supporting pop has-beens, or even their own unique rock shows, this quartet will rock you!

Dragline - Norwich based metallists,whose dark blend of melodies & brooding lyrics ignite the imagination.

The Levellers - Brightons festival favourites who seem to be on the road constantly.

Mediaeval Baebes - All female nine piece that sing fairytales from centuries past, some are acapella,some accompanied by ancient stringed instruments.

Mooncoin - Playing traditional folk songs from Europe,mooncoins' vast repetoire has ensured their popularity on the East Anglian & International folk scene.

Shake Rattle& Roll Weekender - The golden age of Rock 'N Roll is covered here with shots of rockers & DJ's that dominated the 1950's & beyond.

Subvert - If hardcore metal is your bag look no further,Subvert offer a very metal experience.

Then Kame Silence - Balancing somewhere in the Thrash / Speed / Death Metal axis, Norwich based Then Kame Silence perform Metal that is very dark.

When Gravity Fails - London metal quartet,risen from the ashes of Cortizone.

Wombatwombat - Norwich based promoters of gigs for the indie scene,usually national / worldwide bands with local support bands.



Chains on Velvet - If you like to shake your thang to Goth / Industrial / EBM / Darkwave,then this is the night for you! You are asked to "Dress to distress",so obviously it's not a night for the faint hearted! Appear monthly at the Waterfront in Norwich,remember dressing in black is not just for Halloween!



Non-music sites

Wings Of Wonder - If you're interested in Birds of Prey,then you must visit the Heritage Falconry Centre at Banham Zoo,in Norfolk,UK, with an awesome collection of well looked after birds & breath taking displays in the UK's largest open flying area.



Emma Porter - Not merely an accomplished photographer,Emma's flair extends to Graphic Design & Website construction.

James Cumpsty - Having taken pictures for virtually every music publication on the planet, James photographic repertoire, reveals not only a natural ability for rock photography, but also in fashion images

Tina Korhonen - Finnish born,now living in London,Tina's photographic talent ranges from music pictures,whether live or in the studio,to documentary/reportage shots.

Tina Mcclelland -North London based,although originally from Manchester,Tina's website contains quality images of not only bands but also her own self-portraits project.


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